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With a cost of living below the U.S. average and variety of job opportunities in and outside major cities, Oklahoma has become a popular place for individuals to settle down and grow professionally. Find training  in Oklahoma and reach your goals
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More About Oklahoma

Oklahoma, also known as “The Sooner State”, was one of the last states in history to enter the Union. The state has a south central location and shares boarders with six other states. Oklahoma has deep Native American roots, and received its official name from two Choctaw words: “okla” and “humma”, literally translating to “red people”. Due to Oklahoma’s vast Native American ancestry and history, over 25 Native American languages are still used in the state today. 

Oklahoma is known for its vast prairie lands, forests, mountain ranges, and grasslands. The beauty of the state is encompassed in over 50 state parks, 6 national parks and protected regions, 2 nationally protected forests and grasslands, and several wildlife conservation areas. Notably, the famous Tallgrass Prairie Preserve resides in Northern Oklahoma. Almost 4 million people reside in the beautiful state of Oklahoma. There are many industries that operate in the cities across Oklahoma with a lot of room for professional growth. Consider partaking in professional training in Oklahoma and growing in your desired field. 

Training in Oklahoma

As technologies continue to advance and times change, it is more important than ever that professionals stay up to date with the latest trends in their industries. Oklahoma is the home to a variety of accredited training providers that offer courses for professionals ranging from effective leadership styles and strategic planning to software engineering and data analysis. Whether you need training for a current job or you are looking to gain new skills to start a career, consider training in Oklahoma. 

Many providers offer classroom courses in various cities across the state of Oklahoma. Search for courses in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman and more, and benefit from training taught by accredited professionals. If your company is looking to train multiple employees, then consider hiring an in-house training provider. With in-house training in Oklahoma, instructors will come directly to your location and will often format the material to meet your companies individual needs. 

Oklahoma Oil and Gas

Oklahoma is commonly known as an Oil and Gas giant, largely due to the long-lasting success of one of Oklahoma’s biggest cities: Tulsa. Throughout the 20th century, Tulsa, Oklahoma held the title of “Oil Capital of the World”. In the early 1900s, entrepreneurs flocked to the state of Oklahoma hoping to discover oil, and most succeeded with ease and abundance. Discoveries of new oil pools across the state lead to a rapid growth in population and transformed Oklahoma into a booming and densely populated area. 

Today, the state still reaps the success of its rich oil past. The oil industry in Oklahoma contributes $35 billion to the state’s overall gross domestic product (GDP) and gives the economy quite a boost. In fact, employees in the Oklahoma oil industry, on average, make twice as much annually than employees from any other industry. If you are currently in, or want to be a part of, the oil and gas industry and want to brush up your skills or gain new ones, explore training in Oklahoma and see how a course can contribute to your career.

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