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Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is the country’s chief political and commercial center and has a large, culturally diverse population. Professionals can take full advantage of the opportunities here by signing up for training in Ottawa!
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Opportunities in Ottawa

Ottawa is known for its high standard of living and breathtaking cleanliness. It has been constantly ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world owing to its pleasant environment and public facilities for inhabitants. The highest percent of revenue in the city comes from public and government administration jobs making it one of the highest earning cities in Canada. Federal government jobs are some of the most coveted in Ottawa and graduates who have studied public policy find jobs easily. Some other industries flourishing in the city are technology, software development, telecommunications, and environmental technology. This means that science graduates and professionals with IT background have many employment opportunities. Telecommunication and IT corporations including IBM, Adobe Systems, Bell Canada and Hewlett-Packard have their Canadian headquarters in Ottawa.

Classroom Training in Ottawa

Since it is the capital city of Canada, it should be no surprise that many options exist for classroom training in Ottawa. Classroom training or seminars are scheduled learning sessions that are open to private individuals. It is also common for organizations to send an employee or two to receive outside training to improve certain skills. Many of the classroom course in Ottawa are short in length, ranging from one day to one week. Because of this, companies from other areas of the country might choose to send their employees to training in Ottawa. Some types of classroom training that you might find in this city include:

  • Business
  • IT Pro
  • Managment
  • Finance
  • Communication

The prerequisites for these courses will vary. Some are open to all, and some will demand previous experience or training. You can check the course page to see if any prerequisites are listed and if you have any further questions use the form below to request information directly from the training provider.

Other Opportunities for Training in Ottawa

If you are an organization seeking training in Ottawa for a number of your employees, you may be interested in in-house training. An in-house trainer will travel to your company to deliver training to your employees at the time and place that is most convenient. Another benefit is that most in-house training providers will develop their training content to be directly relevant to the challenges that your organization is facing. This can ensure that your employees get exactly what they need from the training and improves return on investment. In general, any provider that delivers training in North America or Canada will be delighted to travel to Ottawa to deliver training. Request information to get in directly in touch with these providers.

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