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Find and compare training options across Canada. Canada is a big country with big opportunities, especially when it comes to professional training courses. Those wishing to grow personally or professionally can find a variety of opportunities for training in Canada. Browse options below
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  • Courses range from technical training in electrical systems and safety to soft skills like leadership and project management. Examples include "Advanced Electrical System Testing," "Towards Anti-Racism in the Workplace," and "Microsoft Office Bootcamp."

  • Professionals in various fields, including electrical workers, managers, project leaders, and HR personnel, can benefit. Courses are designed to enhance specific skills and knowledge relevant to their roles.

  • Course durations vary from one-day sessions to five-day intensive programs and can even range over months. For example, "Electrical Switching Safety for Operators" is a one-day course, while "Lean Six Sigma Green Belt" spans five days.

  • Course fees vary depending on the length and content. Prices can range from a couple hundred CAD for a course like "Building an Inclusive Workplace" to a couple thousand CAD for intensive technical courses.