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The IT Industry in Canada

The IT industry makes up a significant portion of Canada's GDP and this number is growing every year. Dedicated IT companies in Canada usually have just a few employees, between two and ten. IT professionals also find work in other companies such as finance, general business, and anywhere else that requires computer experts or web and software development. 

In response to this, a number of companies have arisen to offer IT training in Canada. The courses that they offer include all important IT skills needed in the country.

Types of IT Courses in Canada

Because IT is such a prolific area in Canada, the options for IT training are plentiful and available in a multitude of specializations within IT. Some common categories for IT training in Canada are:

  • IT security
  • Sharepoint
  • SQL
  • Software engineering

Get Certified Through IT Courses in Canada

Many IT professionals in Canada choose to earn certifications in their field. In the IT world, certifications are usually issued to validate skills in using particular products. For example, if you work with Microsoft products, you might want to offer employers concrete proof of your skill level by earning one of Microsoft's certifications. When you have a certification, your current and future employers can be certain that you have a certain level of skill which can really help your chances of advancing.

IT certification training courses will help you prepare for the certification exam. You will learn the practical knowledge you need to pass, but beyond this, you will also learn about the structure of the test. This includes things like how questions are usually structured so that you are completely prepared. Some IT certification courses in Canada even include the actual certification exam.

Formats of IT Courses in Canada

IT training in Canada is usually delivered in a classroom or online format. Classroom courses and online courses both have their own benefits. In the case of a classroom course, you will need to travel to the location that the training is being held at and be present at a set time. This may require travel and time away from work. The benefit of classroom training is that some simply learn best face to face. In addition, a classroom setting will allow you to meet and form connections with other professionals in your field.

E-learning IT training is delivered through your computer or mobile device and, in general, whenever it is convenient to you. This type of training is ideal for individuals who live far from available courses or are limited in time. E-learning is a convenient and effective way to learn.

Professional Opportunities and Career Prospects

With the recent technological revolutions in the IT sector, professionals specializing in IT will find opportunities in many different corporate sectors ranging beyond dedicated IT companies such as financial institutions and other businesses of all sizes. 

Canada is a prominent global force in terms of development and educational opportunities for professionals. The IT industry in Canada is highly advanced and by attending professional development courses. individuals can secure better jobs in this competitive job market.

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