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What is a Train the Trainer Course?

Train the trainer courses are aimed at instructors, coaches or learning and development managers within an organization that are in charge of the training of their employees. These courses explore best practices in adult learning and provide participants with the knowledge and skills to provide their own staff with training that is effective, efficient and valuable.

Train the trainer courses are offered in a variety of formats including in-house, online and in a classroom-type setting, meaning there are study options to suit everyone. In-house training has grown in popularity over recent years and professional instructors are in high demand.

Those who have taken train the trainer courses can be confident in their abilities as a coach and know they are making a real difference to both the personal development of employees and the standard of the company as a whole. 

Who Should Take a Train the Trainer Course?

Train the trainer courses are aimed at anyone involved in the process of learning and development within an organization. Because every industry can benefit from training to maintain or enhance their skills and knowledge, train the trainer courses are usually quite broad and flexible, allowing the participants to easy adapt and apply what they learned through the course to their particular situation.

What Will I Learn?

Through train the trainer courses, participants will learn all about the latest trends in teaching methodologies and technologies. Participants will learn to adjust their teaching style to suit different groups and learning requirements. Train the trainer courses will generally cover areas such as:

  • Defining the objectives you want to achieve with your training and setting goals
  • Designing training content that is engaging and interactive
  • Identifying and catering to the various styles of learning
  • Considering the various styles of teaching and when they are appropriate and most effective
  • Essential communication skills for trainers and coaches

Upon completing train the trainer courses, participants will have gained confidence in their abilities to develop and deliver training for their students that is effective, engaging and aids towards creating a higher quality of productivity within their organization.

Become a Certified Trainer

 Whether you work as part of an in-house L&D team or want to start your own professional training company, earning a train the trainer certification from companies like Training Industry, SHRM, or ATD will both help you develop important new skills to make a difference for your students and show potential clients and employers that you really know your stuff.

Above, you'll find many courses that can help you get certified as an expert trainer.

Company Benefits From Investing in Train the Trainer Courses

If a company can already see the benefit of providing professional development training to their staff, it is essential for them to acknowledge the equal importance of making sure their in-house trainers or those in charge of overseeing the training process are also operating at their best.

For some companies, sending a group of employees offsite for individual training can be expensive and non-efficient, so in-house trainers are becoming more and more popular. It is a cost-effective and convenient solution to learning and development within the workplace.

Frequently asked questions

  • A train the trainer program is a course designed to teach individuals how to effectively deliver training sessions and share their knowledge with others. Participants develop skills in presentation, communication, and teaching methodologies to become proficient trainers.

  • The best certification depends on your specific needs and industry. Popular options include the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Master Trainer program, the International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT), and the Training Industry Certified Professional (TICP).

  • Attending a train the trainer course equips you with the skills and knowledge to confidently deliver training, assess learning outcomes, and create engaging content. It can also enhance your credibility as a trainer, boosting your career opportunities and marketability.

  • Train the trainer is important because it ensures that trainers are equipped with the skills to effectively deliver information and engage learners. This leads to better knowledge retention, improved productivity, and a higher return on investment for training initiatives.

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