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Government Training Courses

Government training courses are aimed at providing up-to-date and comprehensive training on the workings and policies of the government at the federal, state and local levels. Government training programs are often specific in nature. For example, one program could address a specific state-level policy of a certain state whereas another course could cover a particular federal-level regulation. However, the training courses offered could also be broad in nature, for instance in addressing a policy area.

Who Should Take a Government Training Course?

Government training courses are aimed at anyone who wishes to begin their career in government, those who work in government and those who would like to work with the government such as contractors and sub-contractors:

  • If you are considering working in government, career options within government are vast and varied. Whether your role is one that is behind the scenes or on the frontline, careers in this area can be extremely rewarding.
  • If you already work in government, you will find it beneficial to find the right training course that can help you and your organization perform more efficiently.
  • If you would like to work with the government, find a training course that will teach you to identify the best practices of contracting with the government or help you familiarize yourself with the relevant areas of governmental policies.

What Policy Areas Do Government Training Courses Cover?

Government affairs encompass a wide range of policy areas. Below are some highlighted areas that may be of interest to those looking for professional training through government training courses.

  • Defense and Security: Defense and security are vital areas in government. Whether in the protection of classified information or actual physical people, delegates working in the field of defense and security are of significant importance. Some areas that can be covered in government training courses include counterintelligence, information security and physical or personnel security.
  • The Justice System and Criminology: Upholding the law and providing people with security are necessary for countries to thrive. Those working in law enforcement, corrections, public safety, social work, and security may greatly benefit from professional training to develop their skills and expertise. Areas such as criminal justice systems, investigations, criminal psychology, forensics and youth crime are typical subjects covered in government training programs.
  • International Relations: As the world becomes more connected and the focus turns to globalization, the area of international relations has never been more important. Those working in this field need to have knowledge in a broad range of topics and professional government courses can help develop these skills. Some typical fields explored in these courses include foreign policies, globalization, trade and development, environment, international security and international political economy.

Government Training Course Formats

Government training courses are offered with a wide range of scheduling options. The courses can run from 30 minutes to more than 30 hours spread over days or weeks, so they fit into even the busiest schedules.

Most government training classes are available online, offering participants flexibility and convenience. Classroom and on-site training are available options that can give professionals immersive in-person learning experiences.

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