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More about Ethics Training

What is Ethics Training? 

Ethics training helps members of any organization apply a moral framework to their everyday decisions. Professionals are constantly faced with decisions that may require moral justification and reflection. Whether in the health, engineering, legal or business sectors, ethics courses will arm you with the tools to constructively solve dilemmas by making decisions based on a set of morality and value-based principles.

Ethics training can help you align your moral compass with your colleagues, making moral conscientiousness an overall characteristic of your organization's decision making processes and achievement of your corporate mission. Implementing ethics training can impact overall business, your company's cohesiveness, and harmonize expectations from the upper echelons of management down to all of your teams. Browse the diverse training programs above to find the right ethics training for your business! 

What Will You Learn in Ethics Training?

Ethics rules can differ from field to field, and depending on your specific profession you may be subject to specific rules and legal regulations that another profession is not. A sales rep for a pharmaceutical company and public servants are subject to different regulations and ethical standards, but both operate under a set of ethical guidelines. Ethics training is useful for any professional or organization hoping to advance and succeed in their chosen field.  

More than simply avoiding illegal practice, the Harvard Business Review explains that integrity-based ethics program will strive to define companies' guiding values, aspirations, and patterns of thought and conduct. In any ethics training program you may be trained on some of the following key general characteristics in relation to your business: 

  • Honesty, 
  • Fairness, 
  • Equality, 
  • Dignity,
  • Diversity, and 
  • Individual rights.

While most ethics training programs will be specifically tailored to your specific field, any employee can pick up on these general characteristics any apply them to their daily decisions. 

Do I Need Ethics Training? 

In short? Yes! By harmonizing the moral compass of your business, ethics training will set the right standard for all employees and foster long-term business success. Every member of your organization will feel safe in the knowledge that the whole company has been trained on to the same page. 

Maintaining legal practice is the bare minimum when considering ethical business practices, but depending on your profession ethics rules may require you to undergo an ethics course as part of some licensing boards' initiatives for continuing education. Also, your company may require ethics training to keep in line with changing regulations from goverments or ethics boards that can affect your business. 

Formats for Ethics Training

A majority of ethics trainings can be found online, and most of those are self-paced, allowing employees the freedom and flexibility to keep working and keep educating themselves. Another effective option is on-site training or classroom learning, bringing your team(s) into one room with a training professional creates a space to compare best practices and is a great way to make ethics training more time and budget efficient.