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The state of New Hampshire has played a significant role in shaping the United States. Today, it is diversified in industries ranging from technology to business and politics. Develop your skills in one of these sectors by enrolling in training in New Hampshire!
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More About New Hampshire

The 9th state to be admitted to the union, New Hampshire is full of interesting historical facts and figures. Named after the English county of Hampshire where many residents originated, New Hampshire was founded in 1629 by European settlers. The state was one of the original Thirteen Colonies which would later revolt against Great Britain during the American War of Independence. As a result of this historic revolution, New Hampshire became the first colony to set up an independent government, as well as the first colony to ratify an independent constitution, free of British rule. 

Located in the northeastern region of the United States, New Hampshire is surrounded by Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts and is well known for being "the Granite State" due to the unique granite formations and quarries. New Hampshire has a relatively low population compared to other states but is still home to many successful industries such as manufacturing and tourism. There many opportunities to grow professionally in different industries by enrolling in training in New Hampshire. 

New Hampshire's Industry and Economy

New Hampshire has one of the highest median household incomes in the country, ranking 7th overall. Coupled with the state's low unemployment rate, New Hampshire is a great place to start or advance your career. Furthermore, the state has the lowest poverty rate in the country and no general sales tax, or personal state income tax.

New Hampshire’s economy is supported by agriculture, the manufacturing of natural products, energy, real estate and tourism. Tourism within the mountains is still quite a popular draw to the state, allowing New Hampshire to economically rely on its natural attractions to draw in visitors. Primary tourist attractions include the Seacoast, the Lakes Region, and the White Mountains. There are a variety of courses that offer training in New Hampshire that are designed to provide individuals with the skills to enter this wide range of industries.

As one of the founding states of the country, it is no surprise that New Hampshire is actively involved in state and federal politics. If you are interested in politics, consider taking business or communications related training courses to enhance your skills and opportunities in your career. Browse the list of options for training in New Hampshire above and see what best suits your professional needs.

Training in New Hampshire 

If you are interested in getting ahead in your career then consider taking a professional development course and learning the skills you need to succeed. Training in New Hampshire is available in various formats. Individuals looking to develop a specific skill would benefit the most from enrolling in a traditional classroom course. These courses can range in subjects from improving communication skills to learning how to use the newest Microsoft platform. Participants will benefit from live instruction and gaining practical skills that will make them more desirable candidates for future employers. 

In-house training in New Hampshire is a better option for companies who want to train multiple employees at one time. With this option trainers will come directly to the company's location and format the training to suit the individual needs of the organization. 

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