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Virtual Teams Training

virtual teams training

Virtual Teams Training

Due to continuous technical advancements, it is now possible for employees to operate and work together from different locations. Virtual teams refer to people who are located in various geographic locations but work together through the use of communication technology such as email, video calls and voice conferencing. Although convenient, it can still be challenging to work with team members that are not in the same place. There are a variety of virtual teams training courses available to teach individuals how to manage and successfully work in virtual teams so that they can achieve the best outcomes. 

Search for virtual teams training from the list of courses below. Once you find a course that interests you, fill out an 'information request' form and the provider will respond to you directly to answer any questions you may have. 

Managing Virtual Teams
The Training Associates Corporation
1 day
United States of America
Managing virtual teams comes with a host of specific and additional challenges to managing people within a single location. Virtual...
Leading Global and Virtual Teams: Succeeding Across Boundaries
Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.
Course duration is 1 or 2 days
Today’s technology has made it possible for people to easily connect and communicate over long distances. Because of this, virtual...
Highly Effective Virtual Teams Workshop
InSync Training
4 2-hour virtual sessions plus self-directed exercises
5,000 USD
This Highly Effective Virtual Teams Workshop from InSync is delivered in four two-hour sessions over a period of four weeks. It...
Leading Virtual Teams
Dale Carnegie Training
6 hours
499 USD
This live online Leading Virtual Teams webinar, offered by Dale Carnegie, aims to provide students with the skills and abilities to lead virtual teams...
Effective Virtual Teams
Cheetah Learning
20 hours
1,200 USD
Virtual teams are made up of project members who do not work together in the same location, not just in...
Remote Leadership Certificate Series
The Kevin Eikenberry Group
6 weeks
1,500 USD
Rapid and continuous changes around the Globe are causing upheavals with the complex roles of how a leader leads. One...
Managing Remote and Virtual Teams
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers
2 days
In this course, students will learn to evaluate options, generate possible solutions, and decide on logical strategies....
Leading Virtual Teams
AMA - American Management Association
2 days
2,195 USD
Multiple (9)
Effectively Managing Telecommuting, Virtual & Offsite Employees
Proven Training Solutions
1 day
United States of America
It can often be difficult to be a manager to off-site employees that you don’t see regularly. The Effectively Managing...
Virtual Meeting Skills™
Two, 90-minute sessions
The success of an organization hinges on the success and productivity of meetings. And more and more meetings are being...
Essentials of Leading Virtually
Association for Talent Development (ATD)
0 days
850 USD
This interactive and practical online program will help participants learn how to utilize their knowledge and skills as people leaders. The...
Coaching from a Distance: Developing Your Team When You Can't Be Face to Face
AMA - American Management Association
4 days
2,195 USD
The ability to coach team members anywhere in the world has opened doors for organizations but with that opportunity come...
Virtualizing Enterprise Desktops and Apps (20694B)
Learning Tree International
5 days
3,190 SEK
Multiple (3)
You Will Learn How To After completing this course, students will be able to: Describe desktop and application virtualization. Plan...
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What are Virtual Teams?

Virtual teams are groups of people who work together on common projects from dispersed geographical locations with the purpose of achieving a common goal or objective. Due to new communication technology such as video calling, email, fax and more, working in virtual teams has become easier than ever. Even though this technology enables individuals to work together from different parts of the world, it is still more difficult to manage and operate in a virtual team than for ones that are in the same place. 

Virtual teams training can teach you and your team the skills needed to effectively carry out your projects and achieve your goals from different places. Browse through the list of courses above and find one that meets your personal or professional goals. 

Virtual Teams Training

There are many factors that go into working in a virtual team. As such, virtual teams training courses cover a variety of important and informational topics. Some courses are specifically designed for managers and those leading virtual teams. These courses include topics such as tools, tactics, processes and methodologies needed to manage virtual teams, challenges that managers may face and how to move past them, adaptability, teamwork, and additional competencies that will help individuals succeed in their virtual leadership positions. 

In addition to leadership training, there are also many courses that are aimed at training whole teams on how to work together efficiently from offsite locations. If the right conditions and elements are established and maintained, then virtual teams have the ability to be just as effective as co-located teams. 

Some of the topics covered in virtual teams training includes: 

  • Connecting team members
  • Skills and techniques to contribute to a virtual team
  • Analyzing personalities and working types
  • Communicating with team members
  • Rules and meeting protocols
  • Commitment, responsibility and accountability 

Virtual Teams Training Formats

Virtual teams training is offered by various providers in different formats. One of the most popular format for virtual teams, due to their location barriers, is online. With online training all members can participate in the same course no matter where they work from. Online training is also beneficial because it allows professionals to learn and review course material when it best suits their schedule.

Virtual team training is also offered in traditional classrooms and as in-house courses. Classroom courses give participants the chance to learn from a live expert, participate in group discussions with other professionals and learn how their virtual teams operate and gain hands-on experience. Classroom courses vary by location, date, time, price and length so individuals have the chance to find the best one for them. 

If you are able to get your whole team in one place then in-house training is your best option. With in-house training an expert instructor will come directly to your location and will format the session to meet your teams individual needs. With so many training options to choose from, there is no reason to wait any longer. Enroll in a virtual teams training course today!