31 Mar 2023

Watch: Leading Teams in 2023 and Beyond

Are you the leader of a team that is spread across the country or globe? Working in different locations is more and more common for leaders in organisations in 2023 and beyond. The term “Hybrid” is the new buzz word in today’s workplace as we continue to be challenged by multiple factors to engage employees and associates. For these new hybrid/virtual teams to succeed the leader needs to have multiple tools and skills which will support their ability to increase the team’s productivity, help them meet organisational goals and improve their quality of work.

In this webinar, Nanci Appleman-Vassil (CEO and Founder of APLS Group) shares tips, tools and techniques for developing core competencies to enhance the productivity of virtual, in-person and hybrid teams.

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Watch the webinar "Leading Teams in 2023 and Beyond" by Nanci Appleman-Vassil (CEO and Founder of APLS Group) for free and on demand.

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Last updated: 31 Mar 2023
Nanci Appleman-Vassil
President, CEO, Facilitator & Coach. The heart of APLS Group.

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