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Organizational Development Training Programs & Courses

Build structures to support business goals with the right training

Organizational development is generally described as a company-wide effort to realign work activities and company structures with overall strategic goals. Change on a company-wide scale requires a tremendous amount of planning. strategy and cooperation between various business departments.

Browse courses that focus on developing the overall company and find the program that best suites your needs. Once you've located a few options send information requests to the providers and they will respond to you directly.

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International Development Management MSc
Westminster Business School
1 year
12,000 GBP
The one-year MSc in International Development Management is delivered in London at Westminster Business School's Marylebone campus. The program combines the...
Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3)
PM Express Inc.
United States of America
This Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) is a course designed to serve as both an assessor and a consultant for your employees...
Base Camp for OD
Matrix Management Institute
1.5 days
United States of America
This Base Camp course from Matrix Management Institute will provide Internal Organizational Development professionals with the skills needed to introduce...
Columbia Business School Executive Education
7 weeks
1,989 USD
There has been a marked increase in the flows of goods and services, capital and knowledge between countries in recent...
Design Your Innovation Blueprint
Columbia Business School Executive Education
3 days
5,980 USD
New York City
Innovation has to be pervasive and consistent throughout an organization for it to be truly effective. This course teaches participants...
Creating a Culture that Engages and Retains Millennials
Dale Carnegie Training
1 day
Multiple (6)
Millennials have different work habits and different values. They care more about balancing work and life and less about money. They...
Innovate on Demand
Columbia Business School Executive Education
8 weeks
1,989 USD
This course debunks the myths saying that in order to innovate in business, you have to "think outside the box,"...
MindMelds: Practical Silo-Busting and Integration
On Your Feet
Multiple (3)
Silos happen. Even in offices where everyone appears to be communicating clearly, they pop up all over the place, resulting...
Bridging the Gap in a Multigenerational Workforce
Knowledge Source Inc
1 day
395 USD
Multiple (2)
With multiple generations of talent in the workforce, differences in people’s preferences and ways of working are more prominent than...
When Generations Connect
4 hours
North America
Today's workplace is home to four distinct generations working closely together. Each one of these possesses a unique set of...
When Generations Connect
1.5 hours
3,100 USD
Today, four different generations are working together side by side. Each of them has their own unique set of attitudes,...
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Displaying 1-11 of 11 results

More about Organizational Development Training Programs & Courses

Organizational Development is a fairly broad concept defined in a number of different ways. This lack of clear definition in no way diminishes the importance of the organizational development process. In actuality it emphasizes the complexity involved in creating a large-scale, company-wide shift in the way a company functions at its core. 

Despite the multiple schools of thought and theoretical splintering, most  describe organizational development as developing the organization through a shift in core individual values. Unlike personal development, change management, L&D and other people centered business and management concepts, however, OD develops processes, systems and structures with the ultimate goal of supporting the organization, not simply

The purpose of organizational developmentTraining in Organizational Development

Organizational development is an ongoing process, constantly adjusting business structures and efforts in order to assure high levels of effectiveness and create sustainable, long-lasting success. OD goals are vary based on the organization. In general they include:

  • building trust and build cooperation among employees
  • adapting to current trends and technologies
  • create clear roles
  • increase ROI
  • develop and retain people more effectively
  • conflict management
  • create healthy work environment that engages all
  • ensure organizational chart reflects experience and knowledge

Change Agents - using a leadership role to create significant organizational change

Loosely described, a change agent is anyone that helps a business transform for the better and can come from inside the organization or outside. More specifically, change agents are usually those that are in a position to be heard. Often this means that those in the best position to address organizational development are in high levels or management or leadership positions. 

Inititating change can be a trial. Organization leadership is in a valuable position in that they are able to work with the overall culture of the business and engage broadly with multiple departments in order to create a direction that the organization can follow as a single unit. 

Organizational Development for HR

Organizational development involves creating the right environment for people to succeed. It's no wonder then,  that HR management tends to play such a significant role in OD. For human resource managers it means an opportunity to utilize their understanding of the organization and the people in it to play an important role in the development of new organizational processes and structures. Organizational development involves all levels of staff, from senior leaders to first and mid-level managers and other contributors.  For this reason many organizational development courses are directed specifically at HR management. Search the above courses for programs directed at human resources, or consider making another search within human resources.

Organizational Change that Sticks

It's one thing to suggest organizational change, another to act and another still to grow that change into lasting effect. Many courses in organizational development address potential root problems within the company or business, with the overall goal of ensuring that the structural and procedural change measures taken transfer to sustainable change and long-term organizational betterment.