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What is Change Management?

Change is inevitable and cannot be stopped.  A crucial measure of any corporation’s chances for success is its ability to effectively manage change. Commonly influenced by senior management, change management is the process of realigning a corporation’s practices or mission with current realities. Change management takes a number of forms based on the elements within the organization that are set to change. In order for change to be carried out successfully, management has to have a change strategy and plan. This requires having the general knowledge of the process, tools and techniques needed to rapidly achieve the business outcome as well as understanding how this will impact the organization as a whole. Before managers start to implement a new change initiative, it is recommended that they take a change management training course to ensure that that they are well prepared to lead with the best results. 

Fundamentals of Change Management 

Having the management skills to manage employees during a shift in corporate culture is vital. As a rule, change management happens from the top down. As a corporation changes, no matter the circumstances, employees look towards their management to light the way forward. As such, it’s a fairly safe assumption that a manager or executive lacking the skills to effectively lead is not likely to be an effective leader of change. Many change management training courses focus directly on leadership since that is the first step in successful change implementation.

Making sure that everyone is on board with change initiatives happening in an organization is also extremely important. Change can be frightening for long standing employees which can often result in resistance. Resistance can cause damage when implementing new ideas and reforms to an organization. In order to ensure a smooth transition it is important to know how to identify problems that are arising and that managers know how to overcome them and effectively resolve any conflict. 

Change Management Training Courses

Change Management training courses explore the cycle of change and provide helpful tips and solutions for leading change and implementing it into an organization. There are also training courses available for participants that want to understand change in their organization and how to navigate through it. 

Change management training courses cover a variety of topics such as:

  • The change model
  • How change impacts productivity
  • The pace of change
  • Adapting to change
  • Developing and implementing a change strategy and plan
  • Avoiding mistakes of change
  • Regulatory change management
  • Effective policy management
  • Understand effective change leadership behaviors
  • Workplace culture
  • Technological change
  • Operational change
  • Company vision or mission change