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Change Management Training and Development Courses

Change Management Training Courses

In order for businesses to keep up with the fast moving times and stay competitive in the market they have to implement and embrace changes within their organizations. If properly executed, change can often result in positive transformations, such as business growth and diversification. There are an assortment of change management courses available that instruct how to lead change in an organisation and how to adapt to it. 

Browse the change management training courses from the list below and find a program that is right for you. Once you’ve found several options send information requests to the training companies and they will respond to you directly.

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Managing Change
Velocity Knowledge
1 day
4,950 USD
United States of America
This one-day Managing Change course is designed to teach managers how to effectively manage the changes that arise in their...
Change Management: Change and How to Deal With It
Mainstream Corporate Training
1 day
Change and innovation excites those who love opportunities for growth, seeing and learning new things, and shifting the status quo. Some changes, however,...
Successfully Managing & Implementing Change
Proven Training Solutions
Full day to multiple day
United States of America
In order for companies and organizations to stay competitive and keep up to date with the current times and technologies...
Change Management Certificate
Association for Talent Development (ATD)
2 days
1,580 USD
Multiple (6)
Organizations today operate in an environment where change is constantly present. It is vital that this change is well-managed in order...
Change Management for Leaders
Balancing Life's Issues Inc.
North America
This in-house course is designed to familiarize participants with the elements of change. The goal is to help leaders manage...
Change Management™ Foundation
IT Chapter
3 days
1,900 CAD
North America
This APMG® Change Management Foundation introduces participants to valuable techniques for handling change and its impact for an organization as...
Don't Look Now, But...: How to Manage Organizational Change
Business Training Works
Available in full-day and half-day formats
North America
This onsite corporate training course is information-packed and designed to help organizations or groups that want to help their employees...
Phases of Change
1 to 3 sessions
United States of America
Going through changes can create many complications. PeopleTek offers this custom course to help your organization prepare to go through...
Prosci 3-Day Change Management Certification
Prosci Canada
3 days
Multiple (5)
Prosci's residential program is the ultimate certification in change management, helping individuals and teams transform their change management strategies and...
3 Day Prosci Change Management Certification Program - Onsite
Prosci Canada
3 days
Gain the ultimate certification in change management with this customized onsite program from Prosci. Over the course of three days,...
APMG® Change Management Foundation: Online Instructor-led via webex
IT Chapter
3 days
1,900 CAD
This APMG® Change Management Foundation e-learning solution introduces participants to valuable techniques for addressing change and its impact for an organization...
Navigating Change
Center for Creative Leadership
2 days
2,500 USD
Multiple (3)
This results-oriented program is based on the Center for Creative Leadership’s proprietary Change-Capable Leadership™ process, used to refine a manager’s...
Managing Corporate Cultural Change
Corporate Compliance Seminars
4 hours
345 USD
Multiple (48)
This four-hour course by Corporate Compliance Seminars will equip participants with an in-depth understanding of the implementation and improvement of...
Support Yourself and Others Through Change
Living As A Leader
4 hours
Everyone knows that change is constant, but it is still difficult for many people on a daily basis. The Support Yourself...
Change Leadership
Lean Methods Group
5 days
3,250 USD
Multiple (2)
Advancing a business requires significant change. Many corporate leaders, while well-versed in the more technical skills of implementing a new...
Supporting Change
Vital Learning
1 hour
49 USD
Vital Learning's professional development course, Supporting Change, equips participants with the skills needed to understand change within an organization and...
Challenges of a Changing Organization
Howard Community College
6 hours
Howard Community College's Business Training Center (BTC) can customize a course on virtually any topic desired by your organization. Their...
1 Day Prosci Managers Program
Prosci Canada
1 day
This intensive and transformative one-day program is designed to help managers and supervisors lead their teams more effectively through change....
Delivering Project Results (DPR) for Project Managers
Prosci Canada
0.5 days
Learn to leverage the power of effective change management to drive project results with this onsite program from Prosci Canada....
Communication and Change Implementation Skills for Auditors
MIS Training Institute
3 days
1,795 USD
Multiple (3)
The 3-day Communication and Change Implementation Skills for Auditors seminar is designed to teach participants effective influencing tactics and targeted...
Change Leadership Workshop
Stewart Leadership
1 day
United States of America
Change is a constant force. The ability to respond and adapt to change is a critical component of leadership and...
Influencing Change
Situation Management Systems, Inc.
1 or 2 days
The Influencing Change Program was developed to help idea champions become more skillful and effective at the “positive politics” that...
Leading Change: Tempo
This professional development workshop by BTS provides an opportunity for participants to explore the nature of change within their organization...
Mastery of Change: Thriving in Uncertain Times
Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.
1-2 days
Change is an unavoidable force in life. Those who know how to work with change and even master it are...
Leading Organizational Change
Quantum Learning Solutions, Inc.
1.5 hours
1,800 USD
This professional development course by Quantum Learning Solutions will user a  Leading Change at Every Level profile template to measure...
Guide to Process Improvement and Change
ASQ - American Society for Quality
24 hours
1,399 USD
Multiple (2)
This workshop involves participants in exploring the major approaches for process improvement. Through a combination of information sharing and facilitated...
Implementing an Effective Regulatory and Policy Change Management Process
Compliance Online
2 days
1,699 USD
New York City
In this two day workshop we will review regulatory compliance requirements and Policy Management. The course will focus on the...
1 Day Prosci Canada Employee Orientation
Prosci Canada
1 day
Prosci’s Best Practices in Change Management research highlights that one of the major barriers to successful change projects is employee...
Half Day Prosci Sponsor Briefing
Prosci Canada
0.5 days
Prosci’s intensive and trailblazing research indicates that executive sponsorship is the greatest contributor to a successful change project. However, the...
Managing Requirement Changes and Risks
ASPE Training
70 USD
Change Control Best Practices - Avoiding Unintended Consequences of Changes
Compliance Online
2 days
1,899 USD
With FDA citing inadequate change control constantly in its 483s and Warning Letters, the prerequisite to ensure that changes are...
Self Leadership
Mainstream Corporate Training
1 day
This one-day course in Self-leadership highlights strategies for taking accountability, setting personal direction and priority management. Found at all organizational...
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Displaying 1-32 of 32 results

What is Change Management?

Change is inevitable and cannot be stopped.  A crucial measure of any corporation’s chances for success is its ability to effectively manage change. Commonly influenced by senior management, change management is the process of realigning a corporation’s practices or mission with current realities. Change management takes a number of forms based on the elements within the organization that are set to change. In order for change to be carried out successfully, management has to have a change strategy and plan. This requires having the general knowledge of the process, tools and techniques needed to rapidly achieve the business outcome as well as understanding how this will impact the organization as a whole. Before managers start to implement a new change initiative, it is recommended that they take a change management training course to ensure that that they are well prepared to lead with the best results. 

Fundamentals of Change Management 

Having the management skills to manage employees during a shift in corporate culture is vital. As a rule, change management happens from the top down. As a corporation changes, no matter the circumstances, employees look towards their management to light the way forward. As such, it’s a fairly safe assumption that a manager or executive lacking the skills to effectively lead is not likely to be an effective leader of change. Many change management training courses focus directly on leadership since that is the first step in successful change implementation.

Making sure that everyone is on board with change initiatives happening in an organization is also extremely important. Change can be frightening for long standing employees which can often result in resistance. Resistance can cause damage when implementing new ideas and reforms to an organization. In order to ensure a smooth transition it is important to know how to identify problems that are arising and that managers know how to overcome them and effectively resolve any conflict. 

Change Management Training Courses

Change Management training courses explore the cycle of change and provide helpful tips and solutions for leading change and implementing it into an organization. There are also training courses available for participants that want to understand change in their organization and how to navigate through it. 

Change management training courses cover a variety of topics such as:

  • The change model
  • How change impacts productivity
  • The pace of change
  • Adapting to change
  • Developing and implementing a change strategy and plan
  • Avoiding mistakes of change
  • Regulatory change management
  • Effective policy management
  • Understand effective change leadership behaviors
  • Workplace culture
  • Technological change
  • Operational change
  • Company vision or mission change