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Organizational Culture

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As workplaces diversify, leaders must know how to best care for and unify teammates from different cultural backgrounds. A multicultural organization is one that has a workforce that includes people from diverse backgrounds across all departments, and which offers them equal opportunity for input and advancement within the company. Inclusive language means avoiding biases or discriminatory slang when choosing words and phrases. Certain expressions may discriminate against groups of people based on gender bias, ability, socioeconomic status or race bias. Have you ever remained silent when your input could’ve been helpful at work? Well, you’re not alone. When opposing opinions and feedback aren’t welcomed at work, it can feel unsafe to voice our thoughts and opinions.

Diversity is an important issue for any modern business, but it’s not enough to simply hire people of different nationalities, races, genders and sexual orientations. Everyone needs to feel welcome, safe and free to be themselves in the workplace.

If you focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in your workplace, your business’s culture and bottom line will benefit.

Words matter, so speaking respectfully in the workplace will create a more accepting environment. Inclusive language brings everyone into the conversation. Language that communicates inclusion and affirms all genders makes everyone feel safe.

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Training content

We have five courses available in this Organizational Culture series that focus on:

1. Inclusion and Respect

Learn what psychological safety is, why it’s important and five steps for creating it in the workplace. Understand why creating an inclusive remote environment takes intentional effort from managers. Explore what an inclusive workspace looks like and get tips and strategies to benefit your team. We will answer some commonly asked questions about sex and gender. Explore tips on how to combat gender bias at work.

2. Inclusive Communication

Explore why seemingly innocuous terms and phrases may hurt others, why being mindful of your language matters, and how to communicate more inclusively. Learn how offensive comments can damage a workplace and explore ways to respond to offensive comments at work. Understand the difference between intent and impact and why they sometimes misalign. Learn how to recover after unintentionally hurting someone by following some time-tested do’s and don’ts. Learn what shared agreements are, explore their benefits, and dive into some easy steps to develop your own.

3. Inclusive Language

Learn best practices for using gender-inclusive language at work, in private and public institutions, and in social settings. Explore race and ethnicity and pinpoint why words matter when discussing these labels. Deepen your understanding of disability, explore words that show respect and words to avoid, and learn best practices to communicate inclusively. Understand when and how to apologize at work and how you can write and publish inclusive online content that is accessible to everyone.

4. Cultural Competence

Learn what it means to be culturally competent and why it’s advantageous. Explore techniques for developing greater cultural competence in all facets of your organization. Understand why it’s important to understand cultural differences and how you can overcome potential barriers when delivering a presentation to an audience from another culture. Explore the stages of cultural sensitivity and how to improve your ability to effectively and authentically interact across cultures.

5. Managing Multicultural Teams 

Explore what it means to be part of a multicultural team and explore basic strategies managers can use to lead. You’ll also learn how to tackle common challenges that can arise in this team dynamic. Understand what cultural appropriation is, why it’s problematic, and how to avoid engaging in it. Learn how to establish conversational norms around political issues at work and get some specific strategies for promoting and engaging in respectful discussions with co-workers. Discover four ways to accommodate beliefs in the workplace and get a few organizational do’s and don’ts for navigating this.

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Organizational culture is made up of shared values, beliefs and assumptions about how people should behave and interact, how decisions should be made and how work activities should be carried out. Key factors in an organization’s culture include its history and environment as well as the people who lead and work for it.

Our courses come in five sections, each with interactive Tutorials, interactive Application Activities, Knowledge Checks, and Final Exams. You’ll have all the tools necessary to transfer knowledge into immediate actionable behaviors.


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Chart Learning Solutions strives to help organizations and individuals apply the skills in their professional development. This ensures that individuals perform at optimal levels of productivity. Our innovative hybrid learning methodology will:

  • Increase team and employee engagement
  • Provide employee accountability
  • Accelerate positive behavioural changes
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  • Promote positive cultural change


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J Colling
19 Jan 2024

I'm a more empathetic person after taking this course. I've learned how to listen actively and how to understand the perspectives of others.

13 Jan 2024

The course's emphasis on self-awareness and personal development has helped me become a more mindful and self-reflective leader, capable of inspiring and motivating others.

10 Jan 2024

The discussion forums are a great addition. They foster a sense of community among learners, providing opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

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