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Facts About Arizona

Located in the southwest region of America, the state is known for its temperate climate and extraordinary natural canyons, mountain ranges and national parks. The main river in Arizona is the Colorado River, flowing from the southwest all the way through the famous Grand Canyon. The weather in Arizona varies in different locations and elevations, but it is most famous for its warm desert climate and landscape. 

Arizona is the home to big cities - the largest being Phoenix which was rated the 6th most populated city in the U.S. in 2012. Known for their large universities and thriving businesses, Arizona offers many professional opportunities in a variety of sectors. Check out training in Arizona and start developing professionally while enjoying all of benefits of living in this beautiful state. 

Tourism Industry in Arizona

The Grand Canyon, one of the most illustrious and natural wonders of the world, is located in northern Arizona. It stretches up to almost 20 miles wide and over 250 miles long. This natural and historic site brings in almost 500 million dollars annually through tourism activities to Arizona’s economy. The Grand Canyon is also a large source of employment throughout Arizona, supporting almost 8,000 residents. However, the Grand Canyon is only one of the 22 national and celebrated parks throughout the state of Arizona - others include the Saguaro National Park.

Altogether, the tourism industry in the state of Arizona has a billion dollar impact on its economy. The state draws in almost 40 million visitors annually, heavily influencing its economy. The state of Arizona has embraced the tourism industry, creating new jobs and support for its residents and forming new businesses and facilities each year. Tourism also boosts the state of Arizona not through attracting visitors but attracting new residents. The beautiful and natural scenery and climate allow for a great place to live, and the population of Arizona has been steadily increasing for years. Start training in Arizona and get involved in the thriving tourism industry. 

Business and Economy

The impact of the national parks and tourism industry on Arizona’s economy is not to be underestimated. However, there are various other industries and sectors that thrive throughout the state, including manufacturing, business and finance, technology and innovation, healthcare, aerospace and defense, and more. 

Arizona is one of the most stable states in the United States in terms of climate and weather and is not subject to big natural disasters, including earthquakes, blizzards, tornadoes and hurricanes, making it quite a desirable place to plant roots both personally and professionally. The number of jobs in Arizona grew by almost 45 percent in 2002 to 2011 and is continuing to rise. If you are a business professional and seek training in Arizona, browse the list of courses and enhance your career today.

Training in Arizona

There are an assortment of providers who offer training in Arizona for tourism as well as the many other industries that thrive in this state. Whether you have no job experience and are looking to gain some practical skills or you are a professional looking to build qualifications to advance in your career, Arizona is the place to be. 

Out of the many courses offered in Arizona, some of the training options include:

  • Business training
  • Communication skills 
  • Leadership development
  • Project management fundamentals
  • Human recourses
  • Conflict management
  • Word/Excel training 

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