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Who Takes Health and Safety Courses?

Many health and safety courses are taken by professionals such as supervisors, factory assistants, occupational healthcare nurses, managers, and trainers to ensure safety mechanisms in the workplace and to help advance the safety culture in their organizations. Several courses are also available for professionals working in healthcare and similar industries, looking to further their positions in different sectors of the industry such as operations, corporate houses, banks, supply chain management function of industries, and training and development departments of various companies.

Health and Safety Courses

There are a variety of topics covered in the health and safety courses offered by different providers. These courses deliver important concepts to professionals such as:

  • Risk management
  • Legislation essentials
  • Injury Prevention
  • Recognition of hazards and preventive measures formulation
  • Effective workplace program formation
  • OH&S legislation essential
  • Asbestos awareness
  • Understanding consequences of non-compliance  
  • Investigation and accident inspection

OSHA Rules and Regulations

Occupational Safety and Health Act highlights the rules and regulations for industry standards and compliance measures that companies have to abide by. These rules and regulations are an important part of the curriculum of the health and safety courses offered at different institutes. Some of the content is:

  • Informing employees about different types of hazards
  • Providing safety training as a part of the induction program
  • Keeping records of illness and injuries
  • Filing complaints in case of serious injuries
  • Audit sessions to be conducted periodically

Training Course Format

Since most of these health and safety courses require practical functioning and on-the-job training experience, they are usually taught with a mix of traditional classroom settings and practical assignments. However, many courses are also offered online to professionals with significant experience looking to further their careers in the respective fields. Many corporations even provide training in the induction programs to introduce company-specific safety measures and regulations.

Benefits for Professionals With Health and Safety Certifications

Companies are diving into new ventures and expanding at very high rates. Professionals with specific training in health and safety and who have accredited qualifications are in high demand. The health and safety certifications offered by universities, training institutes and other organizations serve as valuable additives to employment worth in the saturated job market.