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OSHA was established to keep employees safe at work. Simple enough, but what rights do employers have under OSHA?

What Is First Aid Training?

First aid training courses cover topics on how to deal with accident scenes, burns and scalds, choking, heart attacks and cardiac arrests, unconsciousness, and injuries to bone, soft tissues and joints. First aid training courses are important because they increase safety through detection, action, and prevention.

Typical Contents of a First Aid Course

Participants will be taught how to assess casualties, control bleeding and treatment of wounds. Instruction in the courses consists of practical and interactive learning, teaching to apply the content of the course to simulated real-life situations. First aid training courses are offered by many community organizations. First aid also has many extensions which require additional courses. 

Who Primarily Benefits From First Aid Training?

Having first aid training experience has many benefits. It benefits you as an individual because you are more knowledgeable when it comes to safety protocols and how to react in an emergency situation. However it also is beneficial for your family, coworkers and other people who surround you. It makes you more safety aware which could help prevent an accident happening to yourself or someone else, makes people around you feel safer and more secure, and you can take immediate action if an emergency situation prevents itself which could result in saving a life. Having no first aid training during an accident or emergency situation could potentially worsen the condition and have bad consequences. This is why it is extremely important to take a first aid training course and develop at least a basic understanding of first aid.