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With eight of the country’s fifty most populated cities located within the state , California offers endless opportunities for professionals seeking training and development. Browse courses below and use the filters to find the best option!
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More About Training in California

California has a long history of providing professionals with the skills they need to succeed. Since the state’s founding in the mid 1800s, and even before, it has represented a beacon of opportunity. From the beginning, people have flocked to California seeking sun and fortune. Bolstered by the completion of the continental railroad and subsequent massive influx of population, California was truly made by and for hard working people trying to better their lives.

Doing Business in The Golden State: Training in California

The third largest state in the US and the largest state economy, California greatly influences the way business is conducted – not only in the US, but internationally. The Californian state economy is larger than all but seven countries, in terms of its GDP. While the state has a robust and varied economy, business services and international trade account for a significant portion of this total GDP. This makes California the ideal place for professionals hoping to advance their careers in a rich and diverse corporate education sector.

Trade and Transportation: Training in California

With the most complicated system of roadways, highways and freeways in the US and a robust trade economy, California is the ideal place for anyone working in transportation and logistics. Gain the latest in supply chain management best practice, both for international and domestic procurement. Search for short courses providing current best practice and updates or find a training program that outlines the fundamentals of transportation and logistics as part of an organization's supply chain. Learn how to get the most value out of your company’s supply chain through a clear understanding of California-specific transportation and logistics issues.

Energy Training in California

California is a big state and while its per capita energy usage is among the smallest in the US, its total energy usage is among the largest. This is due, in part, to the state striving to meet the significant need and, in part, resulting from a powerful environmental movement. California has some of the most progressive renewable energy policies in the US. With a number of wind farms, solar plants and hydroelectric power producing dams, California is covering all of its renewable bases and projecting one third of its 2020 power usage to come from renewables. Along with the states renewable push, California also boasts a strong oil and gas industry with a number of large natural case and crude deposits. There are a number training providers located across the state that offer programs in exploration and production, transportation and refining in the oil and gas industry.

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