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Measurement, Assessment, and Testing Training For Success

All companies, professionals, individuals and systems can benefit from a thorough evaluation of performance via assessment and testing. Many of us are familiar with regular assessment and testing throughout our education, but there is some argument as to whether test results truly reflect achievement. People learn and perform in different ways, particularly under pressure, so there needs to be an awareness and understanding of different ways to assess achievement.

Assessment and testing is needed across almost all professional fields in some form or another, be it to assess the output of a team or individual, required specialist knowledge, the usefulness of a system, or whether a company meets formal regulations. This information can then be used to improve processes, determine and implement proper training, and identify areas that need further attention.


Assessment and testing is widely used in the education field for admissions, school readiness and placement testing - and also to assess teachers, institutes and the assessors themselves. Measurement, assessment, and testing training courses cover all kinds of educational assessment information and certifications for those in the field.


Broadly speaking, all employees are assessed in some form or another before being recruited. Measurement, assessment and testing training courses can help provide employers, HR professionals, or those responsible for recruitment with the right knowledge and methods required to carry out their assessments effectively and to make the right hire.

Assessment Software

Assessment software is widely used in testing and analysis, particularly for those assessing data on a large scale. Educational assessment software is commonly used, along with software for more specialist technical fields within engineering. Knowledge on the proper use of such software is absolutely essential.

Measurement, Assessment, and Training Course Content

These courses cover a range of topics beneficial to those responsible for the assessment of others, from managers to HR personnel, and educators to administrators.

Course content may include:

  • educational testing
  • placement testing
  • admissions and recruiting
  • team assessment services
  • system evaluation

Those looking for courses that cover personal development, psychometric/psychological assessments, or test administration will find that these topics are covered in measurement, assessment, and training courses. Additionally, material on industrial skills assessment testing, language testing and assessment, large-scale testing and analysis, and occupational testing (personality and ability) are available, as well.

Measurement, Assessment, and Testing Training Format

Training courses can be taken online- perfect for those that need flexibility in their class schedule. Traditional classroom settings are available for professionals that prefer to work directly with an instructor. On-site training is also an option for companies looking to train a large group of employees.

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