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What is Employment Law?

Employee Law is a vague area of the law that governs the employee-employer relationship. It is made up of both federal and state laws and many other matters that are designed to protect the rights of workers. Nearly all companies use some type of employment law that work to promote health and safety, prevent discrimination, among other things. Employment law is a broad area that can cover topics such as labor relations, workers compensation, immigration, social security, minimum wage, medical leave, and much more. Since employment law can cover so many different things, there are a variety of employment law training courses that focus on the various aspects. 

Employment Law Training Courses

There are an assortment of employment law training courses available for individuals or organizations looking to learn more about how employment law applies to them. Many course providers offer training on specific employment laws or employment laws for a given state or country. Common topics within employment law are health and safety, discrimination, employee contracts, minimum-wage and diversity programs.

Employment Law Training Courses cover a variety of topics such as:

  • Human resources and employment law
  • Parental leave laws
  • Paid leave laws
  • Wage and hour law
  • Employee relations law
  • Employee benefits law
  • Overtime rules and regulations
  • Hiring best practices
  • Workers compensation
  • Employee contracts

These courses tend to go into a lot of detail depending on their specific topic. For example, courses for HR management and employment law tends to outline the managers responsibility for regulatory compliance and provide an up-to-date understanding of how the role functions to implement relevant legal frameworks. These courses generally describe the legal aspects and responsibilities attached to dealing with common human resource issues.This often includes situations like dealing with discipline and problem employees within the context of the employee contract and the law. 

Course Formats

Individuals can find employment law training in a variety of formats. There are courses in various states and locations that are delivered in a traditional classroom format. This method usually includes an instructor, interactive discussions, and additional course materials to help participants learn. For companies who would like to train multiple employees on the latest developments in employment law, in-house training is a great option. With in-house training, the instructors will come directly to the business's location reducing wasted time and costs for traveling.

There are a variety of employment law training courses available in an online format as well. Online courses have many benefits. They give individuals the opportunity to take the course and review course material when it is most convenient for them and in the comfort of their own home. This is a good option for individuals who have a busy schedule or who work a full time job. 

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