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Workforce Development Courses

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In order for a workforce to work efficiently they an understanding of an organizations demands, requirements and goals. Training and development is a key way of maintaining effective and high standard work and productivity within an organization. There are an assortment of workforce development courses that are designed for employees who want to develop individually as well as for those in leadership positions who need to learn how to transform and motivate their workforce.

Search for workforce development courses below and find the best one to suit your needs. Send an information request to find out more directly from the provider.

Essentials of Developing a Mindful Workforce
Association for Talent Development (ATD)
0 days
850 USD
Mindfulness is the latest workplace buzzword—but what does it really mean, and why is it relevant to your organization? Experience...
Coaching Services
Center for Coaching Certification
Tailored for the individual
Individual, group, or team coaching is based on providing a tailored coaching process to support goals and objectives. Coaching is...
Working with Millennials
Balancing Life's Issues Inc.
North America
During this in-house seminar from Balancing Life's Issues, participants will benefit from various tips and tools that will help guide...
Best Practices for Employee Giving Programs
Lorman Education Services
1.5 hours
199 USD
Learn how to implement a successful employee giving program that will benefit all parties involved. More and more companies are...
Harassment Education and Retaliation Overview (H.E.R.O.)
2 hours
The aim of the course is to teach employees about what constitutes workplace harassment and how to prevent retaliation. This...
Relieving Stress in a Chaotic Working Environment
Lorman Education Services
1.5 hours
89 USD
Ways in which you handle stress is learned from your boss and peers. Make sure you’re setting a good example...
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What is Workforce Development? 

Workforce development refers to training that is designed to produce better prepared workers with the goal of meeting organizational needs. Workforce development can range in topics depending on the organization and their goals. It is beneficial for both employees and employers as it gives employers a chance to communicate their needs and gives employees the opportunity to develop new skills that will lead to career development opportunities. 

Workforce development also refers to providing training that can help individuals learn the skills needed to enter the workforce as valuable and competent employees. This usually includes planned training and education along with employment support services. 

Workforce Development Courses

There are variety of workforce development courses available for leaders and people of power who want to learn how to coach, engage and empower their employees. There are also courses available for individuals who want to gain specific skills for personal development. 

Some of the topics covered in workforce development courses are: 

  • Employee development
  • Learning how to coach
  • Developing mindfulness
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Building strong relationships
  • Hiring and recruiting
  • Stress management

Course Formats

Workforce development courses come in a variety of formats. There are many courses available in that are delivered in a traditional classroom setting. These courses are delivered in multiple locations and are great for individuals who enjoy hands on learning with other people. For companies who want to train multiple employees at one time there are onsite / company specific courses.

There are also a variety of courses available in an online format. These are very popular for professionals who work a full time job because it gives them the flexibility to participate and review course material when it is most convenient for them. 

Who Could Benefit from a Workforce Development Course?

Those directly involved in the recruitment, training, development and retention of staff will benefit from taking workforce development courses.They can also be taken by leaders who want to coach their staff as well as anyone interested in developing their people and training management skills.

Suitable candidates include:

  • Human Resource Managers
  • Training Managers
  • Career Coaches
  • Project Managers
  • Teachers
  • Workplace Mentors
  • Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Business Owners
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors

Through workforce development courses, HR managers and those involved in the training of staff can learn how to build effective strategies to encourage learning and development within the workplace. Whether that is creating opportunities for engaging in-house training, external professional development or enabling self-learning and motivation, workforce development courses can provide participants with the knowledge of best training and development practices that they can utilize within their own organization. This can contribute to a positive working environment where employees are passionate about their work so they and the company can grow as a whole.