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Find professional training and development in Alaska. Alaska is a large state known for its prominence in the energy, oil, and natural gas industries. Explore the list of training in Alaska below to find a training course or professional development program that is best suited to your needs!
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More about Alaska

Alaska is one of two states lying outside of the contiguous United States of America, and shares its border with the Arctic and Pacific Oceans, Canadian territories and provinces, and with Russia across the Bering Strait. It is the largest of all 50 states, yet is the least densely populated state in the nation. In total, Alaska’s population is less than 800,000 residents and of these, half live within the Anchorage metropolitan area.

Energy: Oil, Natural Gas, and the Economy of Alaska

The economy of Alaska is greatly dominated by the energy sector, including the oil and natural gas industries. Alaska has an abundance of natural resources within these industries and the state is significantly impacted by their results. Prudhoe Bay, an oil reserve on the North Slope of Alaska, is the second largest producing oil field I the nation. On average, Prudhoe Bay produces around 400,000 barrels of oil daily.

The oil production in Alaska greatly contributes to the economy of the state, and to the nation. Of all oil produced domestically in the United States, oil from Alaska makes up 20%. In fact, Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay alone accounts for 8% of the oil production domestically in the nation.

Training in Alaska

Despite its smaller population, Alaska is home to a number of classroom training programs. The majority of these will be found in Anchorage and Fairbanks. Look through the list above and contact the trainer directly using the information request form at the bottom of the page.

Some popular categories for training in Alaska include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • IT Pro
  • Management
  • Environmental
  • Leadership
  • Project Management

Companies in Alaska also have the option to schedule in-house training from a number of in-house providers listed here. Have an expert come and deliver a course that has been tailored to your exact training requirements.

Oil and Gas Training in Alaska

If you are a professional within the oil and gas industry, there are many training options and tools within your grasp – especially in Alaska. Browse the programs and training in Alaska within these industries. Remaining on top of your skill and committed to your career can set you apart from the competition and allow you to be exposed to more advancement opportunities.

Finance and business professionals in Alaska are well suited for these programs as well, as there are Oil and Gas specific programs offered throughout the state. It is important to stay up to date and comply with state and federal oil and gas laws. Brush up on these regulations with training in Alaska via a financial oil and gas training course or short program.