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Office Administrators Keep Organizations Running

As an administrative assistant or office manager, chances are that you are asked to wear many different hats in a single day. A survey by Quill found that, along with more typical roles like HR and budgeting, 22% of administrative professionals are also their company's social media manager, and 17% occasionally act as office therapists!

Not only do admins already have a lot on their plates - the same survey found that 60% of respondents' workloads increased in the last year, with 16% saying that it had increased substantially. Office administration courses are designed to address the needs and challenges of administrative assistants - building your skills in the areas that count.

Some Benefits of Office Administration Training 

Administrative assistants tend to be quick learners and great multi-taskers. That said, a survey by Monster found that 60% of these professionals don't feel that their employers are willing to provide time and training to support their jobs. Perhaps as a result of this, Monster found that only 27% of administrative assistants were satisfied with their job.

Are you offering your administrative assistant training in their areas of responsibility? Especially newly added ones? If not, chances are that you are not only missing out on keeping your employees satisfied on the job, but they can't do their best work without the right foundation in place.

Look through the training options above, or better yet, have your office administrator take a look and tell you what will help them most. 

What Will You Cover in an Office Administration Training Course?

Because of the range of areas that administrative assistants may work in, we can't cover everything that you will learn in an office administration course here. For that, you can look at individual course descriptions and request specific information from providers. 

However, here are some common themes that you may see among these courses:

  • Team work and leadership
  • Making a good first impression
  • Self-management
  • Training in common technology

office administration training

Note that you should not restrict your course search to this page. We have many other categories - that while not specifically intended for administrative assistants - cover skills that could be very helpful.

Other Training Categories for Admin Assistants and Office Managers

Most administrative assistants and office managers spend a great deal of time talking to internal and external people in the office. Communication skills training, particularly related to assertiveness or conflict management offers skill development that will come in handy on a daily basis.

For the estimated 45% of admin assistants who also work in HR, human resources training - or even certification can really help grow your skills in this role.

According to a survey by Robert Half, administrative assistants sometimes train fellow employees on technology tools. It goes without saying that they also work with these tools themselves on a daily basis. Computer skills training may save them time by showing them all the tips and tricks for common office software.

Looking for more course ideas? Go browse all of our categories or get in touch with our team for recommendations.

Frequently asked questions

  • Office management training covers the essential skills, knowledge, and techniques needed to efficiently manage and oversee daily office operations. Topics may include time management, communication, team building, problem-solving, financial management, and administrative tasks.

  • You can learn office management skills by taking courses, attending workshops or seminars, reading books, and gaining hands-on experience through internships or work experience. Networking with experienced office managers and learning from their insights can also be beneficial.

  • The best course for office management varies depending on your background and goals. Look for comprehensive programs that cover essential skills, such as time management, communication, and administrative tasks. Programs offered by reputable institutions or organizations can be a good starting point.

  • Office management positions often require a high school diploma or equivalent, with some roles preferring a bachelor's degree in business administration, management, or a related field. Relevant experience, strong organizational and communication skills, and proficiency in office software are also important qualifications for office management.

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