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Dave talks about 5 things that sales managers should spend 80% of their time on.

Frequently asked questions

  • Sales management training helps build skills such as leadership, coaching, communication, performance management, forecasting, and strategic planning. It also covers sales techniques, team motivation, time management, negotiation, and conflict resolution, which are essential for effectively managing a sales team.

  • Sales managers typically undergo a combination of on-the-job training and formal courses. This can include sales training, management courses, industry-specific knowledge, and leadership development programs. Regular participation in workshops, webinars, and conferences can also help sales managers stay updated on best practices and emerging trends.

  • While qualifications may vary across industries and organizations, a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a related field is often preferred. Prior experience in sales or a sales-related role is essential. Strong communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills are crucial, and certifications in sales management or leadership can further enhance career prospects.

  • Consider the course's objectives, content, and alignment with your goals. Evaluate the credibility and expertise of the course provider and instructors. Additionally, assess the course format (online or in-person), duration, and flexibility to ensure it fits your schedule and learning preferences. Look for opportunities for practical application, feedback, and interaction with fellow learners.

Sales Management Training Courses

Sales management training is designed to provide newly promoted sales managers or experienced sales managers with the confidence they need to successfully lead a sales team. Leadership, business management, and talent management are key areas that will be addressed in sales management training courses.

Participants in sales management training courses will learn to translate their company’s vision into a workable plan with goal-setting, forecasting, and tracking metrics. They will learn to coach and motivate each person in their sales team regardless of their experience, skill level, and success to help every salesperson reach their full potential.

Common subjects covered in sales management training courses include, but are not limited to:

  • The role of a sales manager
  • Leadership skills
  • Budget planning and forecasting
  • Talent management and recruitment
  • Coaching and motivation
  • Team-building

Sales Management Training Course Formats

Sales management training courses are most often delivered in-person at your workplace or online with e-learning. On-site training has the advantage of direct interaction with the sales management coach, the ability to learn alongside your colleagues, and practice with the sales coach. 

Online training, often delivered through e-learning or virtual instructor-led webinars are a convenient and cost effective option for those with a busy schedule. Learn on your own time and at your own pace with online sales management training courses.

Who are Sales Management Training Courses Suitable for?

Sales management training courses are ideal for experienced sales managers, newly promoted sales managers, or sales trainers.