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More About Virginia

Virginia is a state of history. With a legacy of effective governance and a close relationship with the federal government, Virginia has long been a large employer for several federal government agencies. It is also a hugely important state in terms of the nation’s technology services and major companies. Along with these two driving economic forces, Virginia also has a strong agricultural industry and services sector with over one third of the population employed in a service capacity. Due to the range of successful industries, residents can find employment opportunities as well as training in Virginia in a variety of sectors. 

Business and Management Programs in Virginia

No matter the industry or business sector, management and organizational development skills are crucial to ensuring long-term success and overall profitability. Narrow your search by city and find performance development or leadership development training in Virginia. Invest in your organization’s ability to prepare new-hires and overall employee retention with an in-house training program. Search  from a number of different providers, and find business and management training in Virginia that meets your specific desires. 

Technology in Virginia

Virginia boasts the greatest concentration of technology companies and employees in the country. In fact, Virginia represents a fantastic example of the change evident in a number of states as the move away from agriculture towards a more technology centered economy. Search for training in Virginia in the technology industry and gain skills in IT pro and related fields.

Virginia is also home to the largest collection of data centers in the United States. The starkest example of the move from agriculture to technology has to be in Northern Virginia. Once the dairy capital of the US, it is now home to Dulles Technology Center. In recent years these centers have been solely responsible for over 70% of the nations Internet traffic. Keeping this in mind, it’s easy to understand how the state is capable of maintaining the fastest Internet speed in the United States. This makes Virginia the ideal place, not only for anyone hoping to work in data servers and networks but for current data server professionals needing to stay up to date with industry best practice and the latest technologies. Participate in technical training in Virginia and get started in this growing industry. 

Heavy Industry and Transportation

In addition to strong service and technology industries, Virginia is also plays in a big role in the distribution of goods, both domestic and internationally. The state has five international airports, a highly developed rail system and a major international shipping port. Search for training in Virginia in supply chain management and find programs on the SCM processes you need to succeed. Search for short courses by specific needs within the supply chain or find longer programs that provide a comprehensive SCM overview for new and developing professionals.

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