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High Performance Collaboration: 5 Proven Strategies for Success

AMA - American Management Association, Online (+3 locations)
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Next course start
26 February, 2024 (+8 start dates)
Classroom, Virtual Classroom
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Course description

AMA - American Management Association

High Performance Collaboration: 5 Proven Strategies for Success

Individuals in the workplace face many challenges to working together effectively, such as the shift from in-person to virtual or hybrid teams, reorganized workflows and reporting structures, and similar disruptions. Unless they can collaborate effectively, they will find themselves mired in project delays, miscommunications, and derailed initiatives.

Clearly, effective and authentic collaboration is more important than ever in today’s workplace. TRUE collaboration can only take place when people are working together with a specific mindset and the coordinated skills to achieve it. This new research-based course can help you and your team develop the knowledge, skills and behaviors to embrace and execute effective collaboration regardless of work environment.

Participants will take a pre-course online assessment which will rate their individual “Collaboration Q” and offer personalized data they can use to identify the skills they need to develop and maximize their collaborative efforts.

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26 February, 2024

  • Classroom
  • San Francisco

7 March, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

14 March, 2024

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  • Online

22 April, 2024

  • Classroom
  • New York City

25 April, 2024

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13 May, 2024

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20 May, 2024

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10 June, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Chicago

Who should attend?

Who Should Attend

A wide range of job functions and levels including individual contributors, managers, team members, group leaders, directors, project team leaders, and HR, L&D, and training managers.

Training content

The Need for Collaboration

  • Understand How Collaboration Is Necessary in Today’s World
  • Determine Where Collaboration Is Integral to Your Success

Differentiating Collaboration

  • Understand the Distinctions and Relationships between Collaboration, Cooperation, and Coordination Concepts
  • Recognize How Each Concept Drives Different Behavioral Mechanisms
  • Understand the Course Model for Collaboration Behaviors

Assessing Your Collaboration Q

  • Understand Personal Collaboration Q
  • Form a Preliminary Assessment of Where It Can Be Improved

Planning and Monitoring Behaviors

  • Understand How Mutual Planning and Monitoring Are Essential for Collaboration
  • Use the Disc® Assessment to Understand How Personality and Roles Relate
  • Understand Role and Goal-Setting Theories
  • Understand the Monitoring Process

Problem-Solving Behaviors

  • Understand How Problem-Solving Is Unique Criterion for Collaboration
  • Understand Dual-Concern Theory
  • Understand Joint Problem-Solving Process

Supporting Behaviors

  • Understand How Supportive Exchanges Are Essential for Collaboration
  • Understand “Support” and How to Differentiate between Instrumental and Emotional Support
  • Understand the Different Types of Helping and How It Differs from “Support”

Accountability Behaviors

  • Understand the Factors That Create Social Loafing
  • Understand the Interrelationship between Goal Acceptance and Accountability
  • Understand the Accountability Building Process

Communicating Behaviors

  • Understand the Communication Model
  • Recognize Problem Areas and Impediments to Clear Communication in Collaborations

Moving Forward with a Collaborative Mindset

  • Develop an Action Plan to Apply to a Specific Collaborative Challenge

Course delivery details

  • Classroom Schedule
  • 2 Sessions Available
  • Online Schedule
  • 3 Sessions Available


  • $2.595.00 Non Members
  • $2.345.00 AMA Members
  • $2,221.00 GSA

Certification / Credits

CEU: 1.2

  • Recognizing the need for collaboration in the present business environment
  • Learning how collaboration, cooperation, and coordination each drive different behavioral mechanisms
  • Exploring the course model for collaboration behaviors
  • Evaluating your personal Collaboration Q and assessing where it can be improved
  • Understanding how problem-solving is a unique criterion for collaboration
  • Analyzing dual-concern theory and the joint problem-solving process
  • Learning how mutual planning and monitoring are essential for collaboration
  • Discussing goal-setting theory, the planning process and the monitoring process
  • Discovering how supportiveness, accountability, communication, and trust are essential to collaboration
  • Developing an action plan to apply to a specific collaborative challenge
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