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Delivery and Meeting Tools

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Delivery and Meeting Tools

Businesses are rarely restricted to one physical location. In fact, it is common practice to have organizations and its resources spread across the globe. In addition to this multinational phenomena, organizations often deal with several suppliers that are also dispersed. This means that, for a business to deliver efficiently and on time, it requires well developed communication and collaboration processes and capability.

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Effective Meeting Faciliation
Velocity Knowledge
1 day
4,950 USD
United States of America
This one-day Effective Meeting Facilitation course is designed to teach participants the tools and techniques needed to successfully facilitate different...
Essentials of Designing Accessible (508 Compliant) Programs and Materials
Association for Talent Development (ATD)
1 day
850 USD
In this challenging and interactive program, you will explore all aspects of creating an accessible learning program that is also...
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Displaying 1-2 of 2 results

In the sophisticated world of training for example, one deals extensively with subject matter experts, instructional designers, content developers, editors, testers, learning management systems, software applications, printers, delivery companies, and so forth, to ensure a quality end product. Reducing complexity is clearly essential and technology has gracefully addressed some of the more pressing challenges with an array of delivery and meeting tools.

Conferencing tools

Web conferencing solutions allow one to conduct seminars, lead presentations, conduct meetings, provide customer support and conduct online education. Some solutions allow screen annotations, chat discussions, shared whiteboards, polling, and so forth. Remote meetings have not only been made possible through these technologies, but have actually been transformed into a much richer, valuable interaction.

Some software platforms manage all aspects of meetings where related information is centrally stored and controlled and is easily accessible by attendees. This is an efficient, paperless way of managing meetings and the artifacts that they produce, which are stored and available for future reference.

Collaboration & Delivery tools

Collaboration and delivery tools are essential for keeping day to day activities flowing smoothly, especially when resources are dispersed. The more sophisticated systems are capable of enforcing workflow so as to ensure adherence and also to mitigate many operational risks. It has the added value of tracking and monitoring work and therefore less chance of critical tasks 'falling through the cracks'.

In an ever expanding business environment, delivery and meeting tools are playing an increasingly important role in day to day operations.