Training for the Energy Industry

Training for the Energy Industry

Courses in Support of the Energy Industry

The energy industries describe any individual industry that deals with the production of power. It is generally broken into the two main sub-categories of renewables and nonrenewables.

Browse the list of training courses in energy and search for training on operations and technologies within nuclear power, natural gas, solar power, hydroelectric power, and many other alternative energies.

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Introduction to Energy Trading and Hedging
2 days
1,695 CAD
Multiple (2)
Participants will be learning to work with a number of basic risk reporting concepts and hedge instruments. All participants must...
The Miami Project Finance Academy: M4 - Power Projects & Renewable Energy
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Financial Training
1 day
1,350 USD
The Euromoney Financial Project Finance Academy  is designed for bankers, private investors, project developers, equipment suppliers, official creditors, and other...
Valuation and Credit in the Energy Sector
Moody's Analytics
2 days
2,795 USD
Multiple (2)
This Moody's Analytics course explores valuation as a key feature in the credit process. The course discusses valuations and credit in terms...
Economic & Financial Analysis of Renewable Energy
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Energy Training
5 days
6,500 USD
New York City
This five day course in New York is designed to provide a analyze financial and risk structuring for a number...
Water Rights And Water Quality: Interrelationships And Implications
Lorman Education Services
1.5 hours
219 USD
Understand the applicable laws and the intersection between water rights and water quality. Water rights and water quality issues are...
International Career Institute
Through this course, participants are able to • Free up valuable time, don't wast time and money travelling to classes...
Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air
International Air Transport Association
2 days
1,200 USD
Multiple (7)
Acquire the skills and knowledge to pack and ship lithium ion and lithium metal cells and batteries by air, in...
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Displaying 1-7 of 7 results

More about Training for the Energy Industry

Energy is sometimes described as the industry that drives all industries. As such it is understandably complex, divided as it is into several sub-industries which are then divided into other subsectors each individual industry within energy comes with its own specific operations technologies and best practices.

Oil & GasEnergy Training Courses for Professionals

Still the most important industry within energy for producing fuel products and power worldwide, petroleum operations and technologies are in constant development. Find out more about training opportunities by searching directly within our Oil and Gas category. Stay up-to-date with current regulatory compliance regarding both safety and the environment within the oil and gas industry. Also search for courses providing fundamental knowledge and industry best practice within exploration and production as well as downstream operations and technologies.

Renewables - the future of energy

Renewable energy is described as any power source coming from a resource capable of naturally replenishing itself. The industry has made tremendous advances in recent years, not just in technologies and operations, but also in the expansion of new forms of renewable resources that in regular use 10 and 20 years ago.

Categories of renewable resources include:

  • Solar power
  • Solar PV power
  • Solar CSP power
  • Hydroelectric power
  • Ethanol
  • Bio-diesel
  • Wind power
  • Ocean power 

Currently renewable energy accounts for approximately 20% of the worlds total energy consumption. Within the US approximately 10% of the energy consumed comes from renewable resources. Many states, spurred along by local and federal initiatives, are taking efforts to increase the number of renewable resources that are used for energy consumption purposes. This has resulted in new technological advances in an attempt to meet environmental standards and increase the total energy workforce. As such the availability of training programs for new renewable energy is on the rise. Take a look at the list of courses above and focus on technologies or practices to begin or advance your career in renewable energy.

Supporting industries for the energy sector

Energy Training Courses for Professionals

As of 2013 the energy industry employed approximately 135,000 people worldwide working directly within operational and technical roles. Indirectly however the energy industry employs over 500,000 people working in a variety of different supporting capacities. Energy companies employ sales teams marketing teams management and a great number of other departments serving business functions. Many businesses and administrative functions, in fact, are specifically designed specifically to support energy related endeavors. Finding training that focuses on these areas can help businesses and management personnel gain not only a better understanding of their individual functions, but how their functions support efforts within the energy sector. 

Nuclear power

Nuclear power is defined as the use of nuclear fission, decay or fusion processes to creates energy. Currently it is used to produce approximately 6% of the world's energy and just over 13% of the worlds total electricity. Nuclear power within the US is produced by 100 commercial power plants, making the US one of the larger users of nuclear power in the world. Search for training in nuclear energy and find courses to support technologies and operations, specifically courses related to regulatory compliance and safety concerns.