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Find training in the "Natural State". Known for its beautiful natural parks, mountains and lakes, Arkansas has adopted the nickname the "Natural State". With industry leaders in business, finance, and agriculture, Arkansas is a great state to enhance your skills. Search for training in Arkansas below!
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Facts About Arkansas

The state of Arkansas received its name from the Quapaw Indians, as a result of its early history with the Native American tribe. Located in the southern region of the United States, Arkansas is known for its diverse and beautiful geographic regions. Some of the most well known parts of the state include the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains, the forests known as the Arkansas Timberlands, and the presence of the Mississippi river. 

The unique regions of Arkansas draw in tourists to explore the state’s natural beauty and 52 state parks. Tourism is a large part of the economy of Arkansas, and visitors can explore more than 9,000 miles of rivers and 600,000 acres of lakes. The most populous city and capital of Arkansas is Little Rock. The professional opportunities and training in Arkansas along with the serene nature gives residents and visitors the opportunity to develop in their career while enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

The Economy of Arkansas

Today, Arkansas’ economy has evolved into great success in the business, finance, manufacturing, and agriculture industries. While Arkansas’ economy used to heavily rely on agriculture, only 3% of all residents are employed in the industry today. Despite this small statistic, the agriculture industry remains a large contributor to the state’s economy and its overall GDP. 

The state is currently one of the largest producers of rice, cotton, and agriculture in the nation. The Arkansas Timberlands also aid the economy in the forestry industry, as one of the top lumber producing states in the country. In addition, there are 6 Fortune 500 companies located in Arkansas, along with Walmart - the world's leader corporation. There are many opportunities to develop the skills needed to work in these top industries with professional development courses that offer training in Arkansas.

Training in Arkansas

Due to the widespread of companies operating in this state, there are a variety of providers that offer training in Arkansas to help teach the skills needed to succeed in the industry of your choice. Interested personnel can find training options in anything from business courses to IT development. Whether you are established in a company and are trying to develop the skills for a promotion or you are new to the working class, there are a variety of courses for individuals of all levels and specialties. 

Arkansas offers courses in many different formats as well. Professionals have the option to choose between tradition classroom courses, in-house courses, or online courses. If you are a large company who wants to train multiple employees then in-house is the way to go. This option allows the company to have the trainer trailer the content to their needs and then deliver it in a location of their choice. Individuals who want to participate in training in Arkansas by themselves would benefit from traditional classroom or online courses. If you are a business professional in this state and are seeking to develop your skills, browse the list of courses that offer training in Arkansas listed above. Improve your business skills and enhance your career in Arkansas today!