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Electrical Courses - Find Training for Electricians

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Electrical courses provide practical training and certifications to electricians and related professionals across the industry. Those new to the trade can spark their career with intensive hands-on experience in electrical troubleshooting, while practiced electricians can enhance their skills and knowledge in line with essential industry regulations and practice. 

Start your electrical training or develop your technical specialties within the field today. Browse and compare the list of electrical courses below to find your ideal training program and ‘Request Information’ to contact the training providers directly.

Basic Electricity for the Non Electrician
TPC TrainCo
2 days
1,100 USD
Multiple (104)
This Basic Electricity for the Non Electrician training course aims to provide students with a foundation of basic electrical knowledge. The...
Electrical Workshop – Basics to Troubleshooting
TPC TrainCo
4 days
2,200 USD
This Electrical Workshop – Basics to Troubleshooting training course provides students with an intensive training experience covering the fundamentals of electricity all the...
Electrical Troubleshooting
TPC TrainCo
2 days
1,100 USD
Multiple (105)
This Electrical Troubleshooting training course aims to bring students up to speed in their electrical troubleshooting skills as quickly and safely as...
Electricity Fundamentals & Restructuring
Oak Leaf Energy Training, Inc.
2 days
1,295 CAD
This training course about  Electricity Fundamentals & Restructuring  is a 2-day program offered by Oak Leaf Energy Training, Inc. Throughout the...
OSHA Qualified Electrical Worker
CSEM (Center for Safety and Environmental Management)
United States of America
OSHA has a specific requirements for workers who are assigned responsibilities related to being qualified in terms of electrical work. The...
2017 National Electrical Code®
TPC TrainCo
2 days
1,100 USD
Multiple (78)
This 2017 National Electrical Code® training course aims to bring students up to speed in their electrical troubleshooting skills as quickly and...
Electric Motors and Motor Control Circuits
TPC TrainCo
2 days
1,100 USD
Multiple (26)
While motor failure may appear to be a common problem, it is more likely that the real cause is a...
Arc Flash Electrical Safety NFPA® 70E
TPC TrainCo
2 days
1,100 USD
Multiple (88)
This Arc Flash Electrical Safety NFPA® 70E training course aims to provide students with a foundation of safety knowledge while working on or...
RMOL 5903 - Electrical Standards
24 hours
595 USD
This course from OSHA-Pros USA has been designed to give participants a basic overview of electricity and equations such as...
Variable Frequency Drives Advanced Applications
TPC TrainCo
2 days
1,100 USD
Multiple (45)
This Variable Frequency Drives Advanced Applications training course is designed to explore power quality in your work facility, remote drive control, advanced communication...
Variable Frequency Drives
TPC TrainCo
2 days
1,100 USD
Multiple (60)
This Variable Frequency Drives training course has been designed to introduce students to the world of variable frequency drives. Throughout this 2-day...
Generators and Emergency Power
TPC TrainCo
2 days
1,100 USD
Multiple (27)
This 2 day Generators & Emergency Power training seminar focuses on generators and emergency power so that students will be...
PLC Programming and Applications
TPC TrainCo
2 days
1,100 USD
Multiple (71)
This PLC Programming and Applications training course has been designed to provide students with the confidence and ability to edit or create new...
PLCs for Non Programmers
TPC TrainCo
2 days
1,100 USD
Multiple (76)
This PLCs for Non Programmers training course is an interactive and hands-on program breaking down the seemingly complex world of automation and Programmable Logic...
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Electrical Courses – Power your Career

A career in the electrical trade offers widespread opportunities to install, maintain and repair electrical systems across commercial, residential and industrial sectors. With a range of electrical specialties in high-demand across these areas, there are many opportunities to develop your career prospects or contracting business.

Electrical courses are not just for the working electrician: many training programs are available to maintenance technicians and non-electricians working in industrial plants and commercial buildings who are looking to improve their standards.

Whatever your requirement, electrical courses are the place to start: offering you the skills and knowledge to get on your way to a fulfilling and successful career.

The Route to Certification 

Traditionally, electricians start out their profession as an apprentice, combining on-the-job learning with classroom instruction. Once they are deemed competent in the electrical trade by the local or state licensing body, they progress to Journeyman status. After a period of reputable performance in the trade, and passing an exam on the National Electrical Code, they may become Master Electricians.

Electrical licenses are issued by individual states in the US. Taking an electrical course will help to boost your chances of swift and successful certification. There are also specific courses to help you learn all about the National Electrical Code in preparation for your exam.

Electrical Courses and Programs 

Working with electricity takes skill, confidence and a high-regard for safety. Electrical courses will help develop or refresh your technical knowledge and electrical expertise in line with current best practices.

You also have the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of interest within the field: electrical courses can help you identify and hone this expertise.

Course content can cover:

  • Design, installation, testing and maintenance of electrical systems
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Electrical standards from training and compliance experts
  • National Electrical Code® (NEC)
  • Electrical, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and plant management
  • Basic electricity for the non-electrician
  • Generators and emergency power
  • Electrical health and safety 

Electrical Careers

Electricians are typically split into two different sectors: linemen, who construct and maintain electric power transmission and distribution, and wiremen, who work with lower voltages within homes and commercial buildings. There are then a number of sub- specialty areas available to wiremen, including commercial, residential, light industrial, industrial, and low-voltage wiring.

Electrical courses will help you identify your preferred avenue and equip you with the skills needed to succeed in your chosen route.

Related Areas of Expertise

Findcourses also offers training courses in the related field of electrical engineering, which comprises the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Find out more about the courses in this field.