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More about Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is considered to be one of the oldest engineering fields and civil engineers are responsible for the oversight of structures ranging from the pyramids to the Hoover Dam. Simply put, civil engineers work with the design, construction, and maintenance of the man-made and natural environment. Today, civil engineers get into the profession with a bachelor's degree. From here, many of these professionals elect to get certified as a professional engineer or study further to specialize in a certain area. Some of the most common subcategories of civil engineering are:

  • Coastal engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Forensic engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Materials science and engineering
  • Outside plant engineering

Civil Engineering Training and Professional Development

In the United States, only certified civil engineers called "professional engineers" are permitted to do work for the public. Due to this, the majority of civil engineers decide to study further after their initial education. The requirements of certification vary by state, but a normal part of the process is the requirement of continuing education. In many cases, these demands can be met with short courses on specific subjects that will help the engineer become an expert in this area and up to date with the newest technology and research.

Common Formats for Civil Engineering Training

Civil engineering training is available in a range of formats including classroom, in-house, and online. This range of options ensures that every engineer can find training that will work for them regardless of location or time-restrains. One thing that these courses have in common is that they are short and packed with new knowledge.

Classroom Civil Engineering Training

Classroom engineering training is available in classrooms all over the country. In this type of course, participants meet with an expert trainer in person to cover the subject matter. Individual participants are the most common audience for this type of course, meaning that you will meet and network with peers at these events.

In-House Civil Engineering Training

Companies with a number of civil engineers on staff often help their employees reach their professional development goals by hiring in-house trainer to bring the course to them. This option can be extremely effective as course content can reflect the topics that your employees need development in. In addition, this option generally costs less than sending all of these engineers to a classroom course.

Online Civil Engineering Training

Civil engineering training courses are also available online. Today's online training is just as effective as in-person training and has the extra benefit of flexibility. Those who don't live near a city with classroom options can sign up for an online course and learn from anywhere. While some online courses are attended in real time, most can be taken at any time. Even those with live video will usually be recorded for later watching.

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