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More About Unified Communications

Unified communications are the devices and applications that, connected, allow an enterprise to communicate. By unifying these technologies so that they can be effectively used together, a business can be much more productive and efficient. The enterprise communication tools that can make up a unified communications system include tools for real-time communication like telephony and video conferencing, and communication that occurs at the user's convenience such as email.

A wide number of vendors offer solutions for unified communications including Cisco, Microsoft, and many others. Search above for courses that will help you set up unified communications in your organization.

Who Should Enroll in a Unified Communications Training Course?

The primary audience for the majority of unified communications training courses is the IT professionals in charge of implementing, monitoring, and upgrading these systems. However, a secondary audience is the decision-makers who need help in deciding which of the many options available is best for their company.

Unified communications training is available at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels depending on your needs. To find out more about the target audience of each course, go to the course page.

Content of Unified Communications Training Courses

As mentioned above, unified communications describes the result of the technology rather than the exact technology used. Thus, unified communications training will vary greatly based on which technology you are looking to get started with and what you want from your unified communications system. Many of the courses listed above are focused on using the technology developed by unified communications product vendors. These courses will be quite specific and you may need to take one for each component of your system.

You can also choose to take a more general unified communications training course that offers an overview of unified communications and gives you some ideas of how you can set it up for your organization.

Cisco Unified Communications Training

Cisco is well-known for unified communications systems and solutions. Therefore, a number of the training courses above are specifically focused on the various solutions offered by Cisco. One of these solutions, either by Cisco or another company, can save a lot of time and many headaches because the different communication components are made to work with one another rather than trying to get different hardware and programs to work together nicely.

However, setting up Cisco unified communications systems will go even more smoothly if the IT personnel at your organization know exactly how they work and how they should be set up for maximum efficiency. Some of the Cisco solutions that you can find courses for here include:

  • Cisco Unified Mobility
  • Cisco Hosted Unified Communications Services
  • Cisco Collaboration Systems
  • Cisco TelePresence
  • Cisco Instant Connect

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