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What is Cloud Computing?

In the past, software programs have operated on individual computers with data and information stored in hard drives. However, the new technology known as cloud computing has changed this. With cloud computing, data base storage is offered over the internet on large networks of remote servers. This enables individuals or companies to store, access and share data all over the internet and in any location. Business and companies are no longer confined to their hardware. 

As this technology continues to grow in popularity and users, so does the number of cloud computing training courses. These courses vary in purpose and function depending on your desired knowledge of cloud computing. Browse through the list of courses above to find one that sparks your interest. 

Cloud Computing Training 

Many different subject matters are offered in cloud computing training. Some of the most common courses are designed to explain the different services that are included in cloud computing, the benefits of using it and how to implement it into your business or organization. Other topics covered in these courses also include:

  • Techniques, methods, challenges and types of clouds
  • Compliance, risk and regulatory consequences of cloud computing
  • Financial and strategic impact on an organization
  • Impact of cloud on  business
  • Storage
  • Performance applications

There are also a number of cloud computing courses that are designed for certain people and address specific topics. A few examples of these courses include:

  • Auditing Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Security Training
  • Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions
  • Cloud-Based Integration
  • Cloud Data Science

Training Formats

Cloud computing training is available in different formats. The most popular and beneficial format used by companies and organizations is in-house. With in-house training the provider will come directly to your location and deliver the training to all of your employees, saving the time and hassle of sending them out to a remote location. In addition, in-house providers will often format the material to meet your company's individual needs.

Cloud computing training is also offered in traditional classroom formats. This is a very popular method of learning among individuals as it gives them the opportunity to learn from a live expert instructor, ask questions and participate in group discussions. Classroom courses are offered around the U.S. in various locations and can vary in price range and length, allowing individuals to find the best course to suit their needs. 

The last format available is online. Online cloud computing training is often the preferred method for working professionals. With online training, you have the flexibility to format your training time around work and learn when it best suits your schedule.