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What is ITIL?

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a library that describes the framework for delivering IT services. The main purpose of ITIL is to enhance how IT delivers and supports valued business services. As the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world, ITIL has helped a number of organizations experience business change, growth and transformation. 

Consider enrolling in an ITIL training course and discovering all of the benefits that ITIL can have for you and your business. 

ITIL Training

ITIL training courses are a great way to learn the fundamentals of ITIL and understand how it can help you. There are a variety of courses offered that cover different parts of ITIL depending on your experience level and expected outcomes.

Foundation level ITIL training courses are aimed at professionals working in IT and tend to cover topics such as: 

  • Main principles and concepts of IT Service Management
  • Benefits of implementing ITIL
  • Service management processes
  • Basic definitions and concepts connected to the Service Lifecycle
  • Service management as a practice

More focused courses include, but are not limited to: 

  • ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle
  • ITIL Service Design
  • ITIL Service Transition
  • ITIL Service Operation

These courses take a more direct look at concerns connected to ITIL. Whether you're looking to improve your knowledge of the concepts, methods and policies associated with the service operation, design or transition phase of the Service Lifecycle, you can do it through an accredited ITIL training course!

ITIL Training

ITIL Certification Training

One of the most common reasons to take an ITIL training course is to prepare for one, or several of the ITIL certifications available. By taking one of these courses, you will not only improve your expertise with ITIL, but you will either earn, or be fully prepared to earn a certification respected by employers all over the world.

ITIL Foundation Certification Training

ITIL's foundation level certification is generally the first step for those looking to learn the key terminology, concepts, and elements of the ITIL service lifecycle. An ITIL Foundation training course is beneficial for anyone with an interest in IT service management. However, it is particularly relevant for IT professionals who need to gain a basic understanding of the ITIL framework. For example, someone whose company has recently adopted ITIL (or an adaptation) as a framework.

The ITIL Foundation certification is earned through a multiple choice exam. Formal training is not required, but many candidates choose to take a short course that ends with the exam.

ITIL Practitioner Certification Training

ITIL's Practitioner level certification is the logical next step for those who have earned the Foundation certification. The Practitioner goes beyond Foundation in that it gives guidance on how to adapt the ITIL framework to best support their businesses needs. In short, ITIL Foundation teaches candidates to speak the language, while ITIL Practitioner teaches candidates how to translate the framework and actually practice it.

Anyone looking to become ITIL Practitioner certified, must have already earned the Foundation certification. They must also pass an additional test that is based on an actual scenario.

Check above for ITIL Practitioner training courses that will prepare you to succeed in this exam.

ITIL Intermediate Certification Training

Unlike the Foundation and Practitioner certifications, ITIL's Intermediate level has a modular structure. Intermediate level certifications are focused in on specific areas of the ITIL framework and participants can take as many of these as they would like. Because these certifications are more focused, they are considerably more detailed.

Though anyone who has passed the ITIL Foundation exam can start earning an Intermediate certification, it is recommended that candidates have experience in basic IT concepts and at least two years of experience in IT service management.

In addition, the ITIL intermediate certifications require more than an exam, candidates must also take a training course from an Accredited Training Organization. Find options above to get started!

ITIL Training Formats

ITIL training courses are available in three different formats: classroom, in-house and online. Traditional classroom courses are open to the public and are offered in a number of locations around the US. They range in price and length, giving interested candidates a number of options to choose between. Learning about ITIL through a classroom course is one of the most efficient ways to learn because participants will have access to an expert instructor who they can ask questions to, can participate in group discussions and will gain hands-on experience. 

In-house training is the best option for organizations who are looking to train more than one employee at one time. With in-house training the instructor will come directly to your location and will format the ITIL training to suit your individual needs. This will save your employees both time and money on travel. 

The final ITIL training format is online. With online training participants have the flexibility to learn when it best suits their schedule and revisit course material at their own will. In addition, participants can learn at any location using various devices. Choose the training method that works best for you and enroll in an ITIL training course today!

Other Training Options

Not working for an organization who uses ITIL? Check out categories below that might have better options for you:


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