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Create amazing content without programming skills. Learn to use a range of authoring tools that will allow you to create or modify web content and publish it all without advanced technical skills. In particular, these software tools are an amazing reference for designers of e-learning
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An authoring tool is defined as any software, or collection of software components, that authors (users of authoring tools) can use to create or modify web content. Authoring tools, at their best, should allow anyone to publish to a universal space of web content that can be read by people from all over the world, in many different languages, on many different computers, and using many different input and output devices. Authoring tools are created to allow people, who are usually not programmers, to create their own course ware, web page, or multimedia applications. With the help of authoring tools courses, you will be creating the content you need in no time!

What is an Authoring Tool?

Also known as authorware, an authoring tool is a program that helps the user to write hypertext or multimedia applications. Authoring tools usually enable the creation of a final application by linking together objects. For example, they could help you combine a paragraph of text, an illustration, and a song. The tool allows you to define the objects' relationships to each other, and by sequencing  them in an appropriate order, attractive and useful graphical applications can be produced. Most authoring systems also support a scripting language for more sophisticated applications.

In comparison to publishing tools which are very similar, authoring tools require less technical knowledge to master and are used exclusively for applications that present a mixture of textual, graphical, and audio data.

Authoring Tools Training Courses

Authoring tools fall into three main categories. The simplest authoring tools are plugins for Microsoft PowerPoint. These are the most easy to use, but also the most limited in what they can accomplish. Stand-alone authoring tools are full solutions that allow an adapt user to create content exactly the way they want. These can be more challenging to use and are where authoring tools training courses can come into play. The third category is that of specialist authoring tools. For example, if you are creating content that will be used on mobile devices, then you need an authoring tool that is optimized for that kind of content.

Authoring Tools Training Course Objectives

Courses in authoring tools fall into two main categories. Courses for those who want to learn how to use authoring tools and courses for those who want to learn how to make authoring tools.

A common group of people that might be interested in learning how to use authoring tools are those in the business of eLearning. In order to effectively reach their students, they need to be able to create effective content that looks nice and is accessible for all of their users. There are many authoring tools that can simplify this process. However, many of these tools do have a bit of a learning curve associated with getting the most out of them.

The demand for excellent authoring tools is increasing as more and more people realize that if they want their content to get as much attention as possible, they need to ensure it looks attractive and is easy and intuitive to use. The ideal authoring tools consistently produce web content that is accessible and robust, regardless of the technical knowledge of the content authors. The tools must also be accessible in themselves. Authoring tools training courses can teach you how to create these kinds of authoring tools.