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More About Training in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a long history of excellence and in that regard, little has changed over time. Home to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell, Pennsylvania’s legacy is one of revolution and perseverance. That same level of commitment and drive is reflected today by the state’s vibrant economy.

Pharmaceuticals and Training in Pennsylvania

Partly as a result of its impressive list of institutions of higher learning, Pennsylvania is home to around 125 pharmaceutical companies, several of which are represented among the largest in the world. Search for professional development in Pennsylvania, whether working directly in the production of pharmaceuticals and requiring a better understanding of new technologies, or fulfilling a supporting role in the industry as an HR manager or in-house counsel.

Banking Success and Training in Pennsylvania

From the beginning, Pennsylvania has held a strong footing in the banking industry. The first nationally chartered bank in the United States was based right here, in the state’s largest city, Philadelphia.  While much has changed over the years, Pennsylvania is still an important state in the banking world and is an ideal place for professionals hoping to state up to date with current regulatory and best practice changes to the banking industry. Take a course in Pennsylvania on bank analysis, asset liability management, or effective customer service and take the next step in your career.

Training in Pennsylvania and the Film Industry

Pennsylvania was early among a number of states that have been making efforts to attract the Hollywood film industry in recent years. As a result of a series of generous tax credits over the last decade, a number of films have been fully or at least partially produced in Pennsylvania. Consider training courses in multimedia or video and learn software skills to take advantage of this relatively young industry. Learn a variety of important industry skills such as narrative scene editing, VFX techniques, and documentary editing. If you’re not finding the training you need as a classroom course, consider taking it online.

Energy Training in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania was the fourth largest coal producing state in the nation in 2012, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, and the state boasts an impressive production of natural gas. Nuclear power also plays a large role in the state’s energy profile, accounting for just over a third of the power generated by the state in recent years.

In addition to nuclear and coal production, the state has also prioritized the production of renewable energy, requiring that 18% of the energy sold by 2020 come from renewable sources. For this reason there has never been a better time to gain skills in technologies related to renewable energy. Prepare for this shift and consider traveling outside of Pennsylvania for training in renewable energy and enrich your state’s knowledge base.

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