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Who Needs Project Management Software?

Project management is used in many ways, however it's main function is to help in the plan and keep track of project components, stakeholders, and resources. Most project management software will allow users, project managers, and stakeholders to:

  • Share and collaborate on documents
  • Manage project tasks
  • Define the project schedule
  • Track time that it takes to complete tasks
  • Share contacts and calendars

Planning and scheduling and project is a complex task and only gets more complicated when the project has a large team working on it, multiple shareholders, and tight deadlines.

While the size and complexity of your projects is a good indicator of whether or not you can benefit from project management software, there are some other considerations as well. Does your company have a history of problems getting organized such as losing track of key files or deadlines? Have your projects ever suffered from problems with communication between the project team, stakeholders, or vendors? Have you ever had problems with planning a project such as incorrectly guessing the time it will take to complete the project or wrongly predicting the resources that will be needed? Your organization might have a lot to benefit from project management software.

Why Should You Invest in Project Management Software Training?

So your company has decided to make the leap and purchase project management software. Now you need to ensure that you making the most of the software's capabilities. This is where professional training in project management software comes in! With training from an expert, you will learn all of the functions available with your software so that your project will run just as smoothly as it should.

Professional Training in Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is Microsoft's contribution to project management software. Project is extremely powerful and performs all the functions mentioned above. However, Project has a steep learning curve. Because of this, a number of training providers offer Microsoft Project training for professionals at companies who use Project. In one of these courses you will cover these topics and more:

  • Develop a tightly integrated project schedule with Project
  • Set a project schedule baseline
  • Track project progress
  • Enter project tasks
  • Sequence the tasks
  • Define resources

Professional Training in Primavera

Primavera is Oracle's project management software. Primavera is most typically used by project-heavy industries such as construction, engineering, aerospace, utilities, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, automotive, financial services, communications, transportation, healthcare, and government. While many think of Primavera as best suited for large projects, the program can facilitate those of every size. Project management software training in Primavera will teach you how to use all facets of this powerful software.

If you intend to work in government projects or at a large engineering firm, Primavera training will be essential as all government agencies and most engineering firms use Primavera exclusively.