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More About New York State

When most people think of the state of New York, often the first thing that comes to mind is New York City. Although NYC has a lot to offer, there is much more to this state than just this iconic city. New York's natural landscape has a lot to offer both tourists and permanent residents. Home to the Adirondacks and Bear Mountain State Park, people are able to get out and enjoy the great outdoors in these beautiful areas. New York is also known for its spectacular coastline, luxurious Hamptons and historical attractions located in the cities of Albany and Buffalo. 

It is no secret that New York is an impressive state in more ways than one. The state exports a surprising variety of goods to a number of large countries, benefiting especially from its proximity to Canada. Of the nearly twenty million people calling New York State home, 8.5 million of them live in New York City. This is not to say, however that the state is not developed. New York has one of the oldest transportation infrastructures in the nation and five cities with a population over one hundred thousand people. Consider training in New York State and searching for courses in one of the following cities: Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse or Albany.

Training in New York State

There are a lot of career opportunities all across the state of New York. Due to the growing job competition in this state, undergoing additional professional training in New York State can help aspiring professionals improve their worth and make them more attractable candidates for future employers. Individuals can find courses offered in various cities ranging in topics from project management fundamentals to corporate finance or business fundamentals to administration skills.  

New York State is home to a number of leaders in the manufacturing industry, ranging in everything from pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, paint, and plastics. Consider training in New York State in this area and find a rewarding career in industrial chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals. 

Training in the Big Apple

New York City cannot be ignored, no matter your industry. New York has it all, and not just in terms of culture and nightlife. It is a training destination for companies of all sizes, sending everyone from key account managers to quality assurance internal auditors to be trained by some of the sharpest and most successful minds in their respective industries.

Home to both the world’s largest and second largest stock exchanges (New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ), New York has been the name in international finance and financial services for years. Search for training in New York State across a range of finance related fields. Find courses in management or leadership skills, ideal for advancing any career in finance.

Likewise, NYC is an extremely important city for professional information technology (IT-Pro). The city represents the “international internet gateway” to the US, making it an ideal place for anyone hoping to gain professional skills in networks and servers.

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