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Effective marketing strategies and tactics have developed significantly in recent years, specifically with the expansion of online marketing avenues. Search the above course list and make sure that you are up to date with current thinking on marketing and are taking advantage of the latest in marketing technologies.

Marketing Fundamentals

For all the new trends in marketing, there are some basic ingredients and understandings that every marketing professional must have. Whether embarking on a new career or simply looking to reinforce knowledge with a refresher course, marketing fundamentals is an excellent place to begin any professional development plan.

Marketing training focuses on the driving principles behind market research, the main components that should be included in any good marketing mix and techniques for managing marketing problems or complications that may occur.

Along with these core concepts many traditional marketing activities still comprise an important part of a company’s marketing strategy.Traditional marketing, while overshadowed in recent years by online marketing such as email and social media marketing, is still a very important part of any successful marketing strategy. Traditional advertising efforts include radio, newspapers, magazines and television.

Developing a Marketing Strategy

Often confused with marketing tactics, a marketing strategy describes longer term efforts that companies take in order to sell a product or service. A phone campaign or mail-out is a marketing tactic, but analyzing the companies starting point, evaluating a market and setting a price would all be considered parts of an overall marketing strategy. There are marketing training courses that cover these strategies which generally include the following:

  • Gaining an understanding of the customer
  • Analysis of market conditions
  • Analysis of competition
  • Set goals
  • Define actions
  • Review and assess impacts

Learning how to develop a marketing strategy is crucial not only to a business starting out but any company needing to reassess their current efforts.

Marketing Meeting

Online Marketing

Everyone has aspirations for online marketing and at this point everyone seems to understand that they should have a Facebook page but most companies could be getting more out of their online marketing campaigns. Online marketing courses focuses on how to achieve marketing objectives through online strategies such as web and mobile sites, online apps, and email marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has changed a lot about the way we view the world. Nowhere is this clearer than in the way that companies build their brand loyalty and advertise their products and services.

Take a course in social media marketing and learn how to drive revenue through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram and other social media channels. A common complication faced in social media marketing is finding a way to actually measure a campaigns success. Learn how to use not only tools within the social media platforms, but also additional monitoring technologies. 

Pitfalls and Dangers

Marketing strategies are complicated for a reason. Approaching a marketing campaign without paying attention to key points in the process can sometimes lead to dire consequences. Entering a market without proper research, untrained staff, an unnecessarily complicated product and false assumptions have the potential to do more damage than good. Learn how to develop your marketing strategy and make sure that you’re truly ready to enter a market before starting. This and far more are covered by the many marketing training courses on offer.

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