01 Mar 2019

How to Become an Influencer

Have you ever wondered how a person continuously shuttles to better job positions, one after the other, and has all those qualities and things happening for him/her that you have always been envious of? Well, here’s the secret, he/she is developing own brand in the long run and is doing one of the most essential forms of marketing, called self-marketing or self-image.

It is important for people to develop their own niches in the competitive job environment like that of the present. Here a few tricks or steps you can follow to become an influencer:


Build your own niche

In an age where specialization is worshipped, building your own niche is only going to increase your chances of building better chances for employment and promotions. For instance, if you’re good at writing, look for multiple and progressive opportunities for honing your skills in writing. It is preferable to have top-notch skills in one sector than above average in many.


You need to open up!

Use all the social media marketing campaigns from school. It is important to develop yourselves professionally as well as build an image in the minds of the audiences. Spike up your facebook profile a little bit, update your LinkedIn info periodically. Share your thoughts on daily incidents or pressing issues to your followers.


Get all the attention for your ideas and work

Get all the attention from your followers as well as your competitors, attract them using engaging content such as a poll for gathering views on a certain topic. Asking followers and friends for their ideas, gives them a sense of value and makes them feel important. It also increases scope of sharing a sense of belonging with the followers.


Become an online influence

Even if it sounds too self-absorbing, it actually helps to have active accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. You build good fan following, almost like having a celebrity account. It doesn’t hurt to become an online celebrity and live that dream of being a marketing guru.


Know all keywords in your area of expertise

If you’re someone who specializes in social media marketing, it is important that you know all areas of expertise, especially the terms for succeeding such as definitions and uses of Google Adwords etc.


Write a blog!

Blogging always comes in handy as a self advertisement tool and helps you vent your expressions and ideas on certain issues of public interest.


Have speaking engagements and schedule public releases

Hone your public speaking skills, presentation skills and prepare for motivating professionals and sound like an expert. Share your professional experiences, lessons learnt and how you faced the challenges in your work life. Professionals always look for mentors in work life to grow through one’s experiences and learn from success stories.

Last updated: 01 Mar 2019

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