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2-Day Seminar
2-Day Seminar

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Increase your Internet presence … boost traffic … connect with customers … and take full advantage of all that social media has to offer!

In just a few short years, social media has grown exponentially. What used to be primarily a way to keep up with "friends" and view funny videos is now a powerhouse marketing machine — embraced wholeheartedly by businesses from smaller startups to midrange companies to today's largest, most respected corporations.

Instagram®, Facebook®, LinkedIn®, TikTok, X® (formerly Twitter), YouTube™, Snapchat and don't forget blogging … the possibilities are overwhelming! How do you decide which social media platforms are right for your business when there are so many out there? What are the differences? Which will best help you achieve your goals? How do you create a cross-platform campaign that will build brand awareness, increase revenue, drive traffic to your website and help you interact effectively with customers and prospects?

The Social Media Marketing Conference — A one-way ticket to social media marketing success!

This conference was designed to help you navigate the "first tier" and "second tier" platforms, boost your social media marketing savvy, and discover how to reap the many benefits that go hand in hand with a smart, well-thought-out social media marketing campaign. Explore the latest trends in social media, take a look at exciting new marketing techniques, and gain a social media "toolbox" chock full of tools, tips, tricks, and how-to's.

Did you know …

  • More than 1 billion people use Instagram, Facebook®, and TikTok daily.
  • Marketers use, on average, 4 social platforms, but customers increasingly demand unique content for each. .
  • Consumers buy products from within social apps more often than on brand websites or third-party resellers. .
  • Instagram and Facebook offer marketers the highest ROI on social selling. And Instagram offers the highest ROI overall.
  • 84% of social media marketers say social media will or has become the preferred channel for customer service.
  • Around 1 in 5 18-55 yr. old social media users have contacted a brand through DMs for customer service in the past 3 months.

As artificial intelligence grows, marketers expect online chats to be more frequently driven by AI.

  • In 2022-2023, TikTok surpassed Google as the primary source of information for Gen Z.
  • 87% of social media marketers think consumers will likely begin to search for brands on social media more often than through search engines. T89% of social media marketers say social search is important to their overall social strategy
  • 33% of marketers plan to invest heavily in short-form video for social media content

We'll explore social media's hot new creative developments, look at cutting-edge media strategies you can deploy right away, and share a wealth of eye-opening ideas for integrating social media into your overall marketing plan. Join us for this Social Media Marketing event and become a social media marketing superstar!

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Why Use Social Media? What Can It Do for You?

As more and more individuals and businesses climb aboard the social media bandwagon, you may be wondering if it’s all really worth it. What’s behind the hype? Is social media really the next big marketing tool for businesses? How can you harness its power for your own organization? In this session, we’ll show you how to create, expand and manage your organization’s social media presence. We will also discuss how social media can be used successfully to market products and services, promote your name and brand, generate leads, increase revenue, build brand awareness and connect with customers.

  • Your customers use social media, shouldn’t you?
  • Strategies for generating revenue through social media
  • Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer social media models
  • How to grow your followers through the marketing power of “likes,” “re-tweets” and “comments”
  • Easy ways to use social media to increase traffic to your website and improve SEO
  • How to integrate your traditional marketing channels with social media marketing

Plan a Successful Campaign

Creating a marketing campaign through social media may seem overwhelming — there are so many platforms to choose from! Instagram, Facebook®, LinkedIn®, X®, Blogging, while these seem like obvious choices, what about YouTube™, TikTok®, Pinterest®, Snapchat, or Reddit®? We’ll help you sort through other popular platforms and determine which will meet your organization’s social media marketing goals, including advertising, distributing information about new products and services, networking and keeping up with your customers. You’ll also learn which platforms provide the best opportunities for expanding your social media footprint once you’ve mastered the basics.

  • The "Top Tier" platforms and how to use them — Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Blogging
  • The "Second Tier" platform benefits you must be aware of
  • Learn to harness the power of social media within an integrated marketing strategy
  • How and when to expand your social media footprint
  • Let your content work harder for you through cross-platform branding

Measuring Social Media Success

“I am running several social media sites and have deployed several campaigns, but I am not sure if they were successful or not …” Luckily, you don’t have to take the “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” approach to measure your social media efforts. Your social media ROI can be measured accurately, in any number of ways: increased revenue, new customers, brand awareness — whatever results are most important to you. In this session, you’ll learn what to measure, how to measure and how to interpret your results. We’ll reveal numerous tools, formulas and metrics for measuring, tracking and analyzing your social media campaigns across the various platforms.

  • What can you measure? Re-tweets? Likes? Comments? Page views? Shares?… How do you use that information?
  • What is the most important social media metric?
  • The basics of Web analytics and how they can help you make good choices
  • Monitoring tools that are the most effective for your needs

Successful Social Media Campaigns: Case Studies and Examples

What defines a great social media marketing campaign? What should your campaigns include to be successful? How do other companies do it — and what can you take away from their best practices? A good social media campaign engages readers and is compelling, imaginative and interactive. It is also targeted to a specific market segment and utilizes the platforms that will best reach that targeted audience. In this session, we’ll delve into real-world examples of some highly effective campaigns, and show you how to borrow from their successes to create your own.

  • What are the elements of a successful campaign?
  • Examples of successful campaigns from a variety of industries — education, not-for-profits, small business, enterprise, business-to-business, and business-to-consumer
  • Best practices, tools, and tips for creating, launching, and maintaining campaigns that accomplish what you want them to

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What's All the Buzz About Social Media?

In this session, get an eye-opening look at social media: what it is, how it works, the latest trends and developments and what you need to be aware of to fully utilize its powers for your own organization. This session will guide you in defining your social media goals.

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What to Say, Where to Post, When to Post and How to Save Time

Status Updates, Posts, News Feeds, Blog Entries … confused about where to post, when to post, even what to say in your posts? Take a deep breath and relax. This session walks you through your options and shows you where you should spend your time and efforts for optimum ROI. Believe it or not, there’s an art and science behind “social timing” — and we’ll reveal the best times to post and reveal time-saving tools to help you streamline content production. We’ll also clue you in on what kind of content will best satisfy customer expectations, offer value, create interest and keep your target audience coming back for more. .

  • Bots, aggregators, automation - learn which time saving social tools are right for you
  • Learn to leverage the power of social media without spending hours at it every day
  • Discover how often you should be active on each of the platforms you’ve included in your social media marketing campaign
  • Find out what kind of content you should post to boost reader interest, drive site traffic and support your business’ marketing goals
  • Learn why video content isn’t just for YouTube anymore

Finding Your Social Media "Writing Voice"

Writing for social media is different from other types of business writing you may be familiar with. Your audience, message and method of delivery all differ greatly from corporate America’s typical memos, emails, reports and letters. If you‘ve never “posted to your ‘gram”, written Facebook® posts, status updates, blog content, YouTube™ video descriptions or other social media content, chances are you’re nervous about starting out. In this session, you’ll discover best practices, writing tools and techniques for communicating via the primary platforms (Instagram, Facebook®, LinkedIn®, blogs, etc.) and creating content that is relevant, interesting, informative and concise.

  • How writing for a social audience differs from writing for a “nonreciprocal” audience
  • Hashtags, acronyms, character limits and jargon — How to decode a platform’s “voice” and culture
  • Creating compelling content that keeps readers coming back
  • How much content can you reuse, recycle and repurpose?
  • What to watch for as Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven tools enter the content creation toolkit.
  • The importance of being authentic, personable, friendly and knowledgeable

Today’s Social Media Successes — Case Studies and Examples

Everyone on the planet seems to be feverishly updating, blogging, posting, but who’s actually successful at it? Which businesses are growing and thriving due to well-thought-out social media marketing plans? Which ones are enjoying increased profits and seeing positive Internet buzz about their products and services? Who interacts with and supports their customers through social media? In this session, we’ll provide you with examples of companies who have valued social media presences that reflect their corporate identities and principles. You’ll see how they are able to leverage the power of the platforms without compromising who they are. And you’ll discover how modeling their social media successes will help you achieve your own.

  • Examples of corporations, small businesses, not-for-profits, educational organizations and more who are using the power of social media to market their businesses successfully

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