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What are Taxes?

The word tax stems from the Latin root taxo, meaning "rate". These rates, or financial charges, are imposed on an individual or legal entity and are a compulsory contribution to a state or a state's equivalent. Taxes are in turn used to fund and support public expenditures, including education, government, and other designated areas and projects. Taxes may be indirect, such as a sales tax, or direct tax, such as property tax or income tax. A failure to pay one's taxes is punishable by law.

There are multiple forms of taxes that an individual or legal entity may be subject to. These include, but are not limited to

  • Income Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Negative Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Payroll Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • Social Security Contributions
  • Estate Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)

Taxes training courses are a great way to learn about the function of these difference taxes, tax law and how different taxes apply directly to you and your organization.

Tax Training Courses

What you learn during tax training will vary depending on the subject and intended audience of the course. Professionals in finance may be required to gain a certain number of CEU, or Continuing Education Units, to assure their skills within their industry.

Tax training courses are often tailored to fulfill these CEU requirements and qualify financial professionals to perform their duties and responsibilities. If you are a professional in the finance field seeking a training course on taxes, browse the list of tax training courses available above.

Another form of tax training is for those seeking general information on taxes. Some training courses equip students with the knowledge of how to file their own taxes, so they will not have to file through a third party. Other tax courses may provide general information to individuals or businesses regarding specific types of tax that they might be subject to.

Another popular option is a tax preparer course. Even for individuals, doing taxes yourself can be taxing. For companies, there is little doubt that you will need the help of a tax preparer or accountant. If you want to get into this very needed field, a tax preparer course can help you get started. Tax preparer courses may also help those already in the industry keep their skills up to date.

tax training

Formats of Tax Training

Tax training courses are offered in a variety of formats to fit the needs of groups and individuals. If you are an individual seeking taxes training then consider enrolling in a traditional classroom or online course.


Classroom courses are offered in a variety of locations and vary in price, length and start dates. Participants will benefit from live expert instructors and group discussions.


Online tax courses are growing in popularity due to their flexible nature. With online training, participants have the opportunity to learn and review course material when it best fits their schedule and from any location. Through online courses, individuals now have the opportunity to become certified tax consultants, learn about federal tax law updates, or just learn the basic knowledge of taxes. 


Tax training is also available on-site. This is the best option for companies who want to train multiple employees at one time. With in-house training, instructors will come directly to your location and format the training to meet your companies individual needs. Don't wait any longer to learn about taxes, pick a training format and enroll in a course today!

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