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Persuasion, Assertiveness and Influencing Skills for Successful Negotiations

No matter the business or industry, negotiation skills are crucial to the decision making process. Whether in sales, project planning or simply day-to-day business discussions, a solid understanding of negotiation principles can make all the difference. Take a training in negotiation and learn techniques for reaching desired outcomes.

Below you will find professional development courses related to building negotiation skills ranging in time committment, training method and focus. Choose several options that meet your needs and request more information from the training provider.

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Influencing Skills, Assertiveness and Negotiation
London Corporate Training Ltd
1 week
3,350 USD
New York City
Utilize a range of negotiation skills and techniques based on an educated diagnosis of the given situation Influence colleagues and...
Negotiation Skills for Financial Professionals
Fitch Learning
1 day
995 USD
New York City
This hands on course presents financial professionals with the "negotiator's toolkit", describing the emotional pressures on all negotiating partners and...
Negotiation Skills: A Collaborative Approach to Solving Problems and Reaching Agreement
Knowledge Source Inc
1 day
395 USD
Multiple (2)
This is a course that will help participants gain new insights into the process of negotiation. This course can also...
Negotiating to Win
AMA - American Management Association
3 days
2,345 USD
Multiple (9)
Whether it’s allocating resources for a project, funding a new initiative or establishing a supply chain for a new product...
Effective Negotiating Skills for Project Managers
IIL - International Institute for Learning
2 days
1,189 USD
Multiple (3)
Learn and practice strategies to work through seemingly unworkable differences and build agreements where all parties are satisfied with the...
Influential Negotiation: Building Agreements with Others
Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.
2 days
Negotiation is a process of communication during which all parties involved seek to achieve their own best possible result. Generally,...
Negotiation Power Skills: How to Get What You Want Without Being a Jerk
Business Training Works
Available in 2-day and 1-day formats
North America
This onsite corporate training course is information packed and designed to help organizations or groups that want to help their...
Constructive Negotiation: Building Agreements that Work
Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.
1 day
Whether one is negotiating with a colleague, a supplier, a customer, or a partner in business, skills in negotiation are...
WIN-WIN Negotiations
2 days
1,270 USD
Multiple (6)
In this training course, participants will discover and learn about how to reach mutually satisfying agreements (WIN WIN concept) by: Disengaging...
Advanced Negotiation Strategies to Close Any Good Deal
Lorman Education Services
1.5 hours
109 USD
Learn effective bargaining skills to help you close deals and maintain a win win mindset in the office. This topic...
Negotiation Strategies
Columbia Business School Executive Education
3 days
6,250 USD
New York City
This course teaches participants how to get the most out of negotiations by creating winning positions for both parties. It...
Strategic Sales Negotiations
AMA - American Management Association
2 days
2,095 USD
Multiple (5)
Discover how to influence them and improve your profits! Regain the seller’s advantage over today’s more sophisticated purchaser with the...
Negotiations: A Human Relations Approach
Dale Carnegie Training
2 hours
199 USD
This live online Negotiations: A Human Relations Approach webinar, offered by Dale Carnegie, aims to provide students with the skills and abilities...
Mastering Negotiation For Leaders and Managers
Crestcom International, LLC
4 months
Multiple (105)
Many leaders and managers must negotiate on a daily, not only in their professional life, but their personal life as...
Repo & Securities Lending: Negotiation and Documentation
Euromoney Learning Solutions - Legal Training
3 days
4,050 USD
This three day course in Miami is designed to guide participants through repurchase and lending agreements used both in the...
Negotiation for Women: Strategies for Success
AMA - American Management Association
1 day
1,245 USD
Multiple (4)
Expanding Your Influence: Understanding the Psychology of Persuasion
AMA - American Management Association
2 days
2,095 USD
Multiple (14)
Bringing about the reaction you want from others and expanding your influence require insights that go beyond the actual process...
Columbia Business School Executive Education
3 days
6,250 USD
New York City
Personal persuasiveness and being able to negotiate effectively have become essential skills for success because leadership requires less emphasis on...
Cross-Cultural Influence Tactics: An Introduction for HR Managers
Florida Institute of Technology
1.5 hours
80 USD
This online course addresses techniques that HR managers and professionals can use to exercise influence in a multicultural environment. The...
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Displaying 1-19 of 19 results

More about Negotiation Courses and Training Programs

Effective negotiating requires a broad set of skills and planning for a negotiation requires a great deal more than understanding the specifics of the issue at hand. Good negotiators are trained in communication skills such as listening, influencing, assertiveness and many others. They consider not only their desired outcomes but those of all actors engaged in the negotiation. Search from courses listed above and find a training program or short course that fits your needs. Greatly improve the likelihood of successful negotiations with a readily implemented skillset.

Set goals and know what you hope to achieve

It may sound strange, but it's not unusual for people to enter negotiations without fully understanding what they are hoping to achieve. Before choosing the appropriate negotiation strategy, for example, it's important to know whether the negotiation will come down to interest-based or distributive concerns. Is the primary concern related to whether the considered decision is in line with organizational vision (interest-based) or is the issue at hand related to a fixed amount of resources (distributive)? Negotiations for reaching a solution related to principles do not behave the same way as negotiations related to distributing and dividing a fixed amount of something. Learn not only which strategy is best suited for your needs, but how to determine the basis of the negotiation you are entering.

Learn influence

Desired results are often much closer at hand than they appear. Sometimes a persuasive argument or the right influencing style can make all the difference. Consider taking a negotiation course that highlights influence skills and gain the knowledge necessary for creating a lasting positive impression on the actors taking part in negotiations. 

Emotions in negotiations

Thinking on the role emotions play in negotiations has evolved greatly over the years. While hot tempers or overtly emotional thinking can result in irrational decision making or a complete breakdown in negotiations, a good understand of how emotions are perceived goes a long way towards creating success. Learning when to display emotions and developing a sensitivity to the emotional displays of others is a highly useful skill. Anger is rarely the right emotion when it comes to negotiations, and guilt can be leveraged to both positive and ill affect. Learn skills controlling and eliminating inappropriate emotional displays as well as how to diffuse emotional arguments.

Many training programs in negotiation skills often contain instruction on emotional intelligence (EI). Consider taking a course that highlights EI and gain the skills for recognizing signals hidden within gestures and body language.

Be prepared and determine the outcome before a single word is spoken

Preparation is absolutely critical to any negotiation. This is the point when you identify all the actors and acquire all the documents and data necessary for bringing them to agreement. This can be a time consuming process and is dependent on the requirements of the negotiation. Negotiating with an external contractor, for example, requires that the project manager gather information on every step of the project and be prepared to discuss timeline, deliverables, resources, expectations, etc. 

The preparation phase is also the point where the factors comprising an acceptable agreement are determined. Know which issues you are willing to be "soft" one, or accepting of compromise for reaching a win-win solution and which aspects of the agreement must be included in order for it to be considered a success.