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Learn to Negotiate for Success

Effective negotiation requires a broad set of skills and planning for a negotiation requires a great deal more than understanding the specifics of the issue at hand. Good negotiators are trained in communication skills such as listening, influencing, assertiveness and many others. They consider not only their desired outcomes but those of all actors engaged in the negotiation. Search from courses listed above and find a negotiation training program or short course that fits your needs. Greatly improve the likelihood of successful negotiations with a readily implemented skill set.

Develop Effective Negotiation Skills

Before choosing the appropriate negotiation strategy it's important to know whether the negotiation will come down to interest-based or distributive concerns. Is the primary concern related to whether the considered decision is in line with organizational vision (interest-based) or is the issue at hand related to a fixed amount of resources (distributive)? Negotiations for reaching a solution related to principles do not behave the same way as negotiations related to distributing and dividing a fixed amount of something. Negotiation training courses can teach you not only which strategy is best suited for your needs, but how to determine the basis of the negotiation that you are entering.

Learn to Influence Others

Desired results are often much closer at hand than they appear. Sometimes a persuasive argument or the right influencing style can make all the difference. Consider taking a negotiation skills training course that highlights influence skills and gain the knowledge necessary for creating a lasting positive impression on the actors taking part in negotiations. 

Learn how Emotions Affect Negotiation

Thinking on the role emotions play in negotiations has evolved greatly over the years. While hot tempers or overtly emotional thinking can result in irrational decision making or a complete breakdown in negotiations, a good understand of how emotions are perceived goes a long way towards creating success.

Learning when to display emotions and developing a sensitivity to the emotional displays of others is a highly useful skill. Anger is rarely the right emotion when it comes to negotiations, and guilt can be leveraged to both positive and ill affect. get negotiation skills training in controlling and eliminating inappropriate emotional displays as well as how to diffuse emotional arguments.

Many negotiation skills training programs contain instruction on emotional intelligence (EI). Consider taking a course that highlights EI and gain the skills for recognizing signals hidden within gestures and body language.

Successful Negotiation

Learn to Prepare for Anything

Preparation is absolutely critical to any negotiation. This is the point when you identify all the actors and acquire all the documents and data necessary for bringing them to agreement. This can be a time consuming process and is dependent on the requirements of the negotiation. Negotiating with an external contractor, for example, requires that the project manager gather information on every step of the project and be prepared to discuss timeline, deliverables, resources, expectations, etc. 

The preparation phase is also the point where the factors comprising an acceptable agreement are determined. Know which issues you are willing to be "soft" on, or accepting of compromise for reaching a win-win solution and which aspects of the agreement must be included in order for it to be considered a success. Negotiation courses can teach you how to be prepared for any type of negotiation.

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