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Learn to Negotiate for Success

Effective negotiation requires a broad set of skills and planning for a negotiation requires a great deal more than understanding the specifics of the issue at hand. Good negotiators are trained in communication skills such as listening, influencing, assertiveness and many others. They consider not only their desired outcomes but those of everyone involved.

Search from the courses listed above and find a negotiation training program or short course that fits your needs. Greatly improve the likelihood of successful negotiations with training from experts.

What Will You Learn From Negotiation Training?

The negotiation skills you need will often depend on your job, industry, and other factors. However, some negotiation skills are actually quite universal. Some negotiation training courses focus on these universal skills and are applicable to anyone who needs to get better at negotiation.

.Some negotiation skills courses are more targeted towards a specific audience. For example, courses that help salespeople improve their negotiation skills are very common. By choosing a negotiation course specifically designed for someone in your position, you can ensure that you are spending your time learning the most applicable negotiation skills for your career.

Successful Negotiation

Delivery Options for Negotiation Training

Negotiation courses are available for individual professionals looking to build their skills or as corporate training for a group of employees.

Individual training can be attended in-person as a classroom workshop or seminar or online either live or on-demand. Negotiation skills seminars are held across the country, so use the location filter to find training available near you.

If you are looking for a group option, you can choose between bringing a trainer on-site, or having online training delivered to your whole team. Talk to providers about which is a better option for you.

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