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What is Power BI?

Microsoft’s Power BI is a business analytics service that aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities. Power BI offers cloud-based business intelligence services as well as a desktop-based interface. Power BI offers a toolset to successfully combine data preparation, data discovery and interactive dashboards.

Who can use it? 

Power bi has a simple interface that end users can create their own reports and dashboards, as such, it can be used for private purposes as well as utilized by companies of all sizes.  Power BI courses offer hands-on experience and provide you with the skills to successfully create impressive dashboards, reports, and other business intelligence solutions regardless of the size of your company. You'll learn best practices for implementing Power BI solutions and how to best implement them within your organization. 

What does it offer:

Key components of the Power BI ecosystem comprises:

  • Power BI Desktop - the Windows-desktop-based application for PCs and desktops, that can be used for designing and publishing reports to the Service.
  • Power BI Service - the SaaS (software as a service) based online service.
  • Power BI Mobile Apps - the Power BI Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, as well as for Windows phones and tablets.
  • Power BI Gateway - gateways used to sync external data in and out of Power BI. In Enterprise mode, can also be used by Flows and PowerApps in Office 365.
  • Power BI Embedded - Power BI REST API that can be used to build dashboards and reports into the custom applications that serves Power BI users, as well as non-Power BI users.
  • Power BI Report Server - On-Premises Power BI Reporting solution for companies that won't or can't store data in the cloud-based Power BI Service.
  • Power BI Visuals Marketplace - An included marketplace of custom visuals and R-powered visuals.

What will you learn from a Power BI Training Courses: 

  • Obtain a deep understanding of the entire Microsoft BI stack
  • Learn how to connect on-premise data sources to the cloud
  • Learn how to build an enterprise Data Catalog to share queries
  • Implement scorecards, dashboards, and KPIs
  • Understand the capabilities of PowerPivot and how to analyze data with PowerPivot
  • Integrate data from many different external data sources
  • Learn best practices for implementing effective, high-performing BI solutions
  • Learn how to provide intuitive ad-hoc reporting for business users by implementing Power View
  • Learn the benefits and limitations of each BI tool and which ones will work best for your needs
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