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Gaming vs. Gamification Training

Unlike most games which are more often than not a win-or-lose outcome, Gamification is all about processes and are constructed to serve as a goal that, when achieved, leads to the next goal, which leads to the next goal, and so on and so forth. This means that, while there is a sense of achievement (and sometimes a reward), your team is continuously aiming to better themselves and reach the next goal, meaning there is a continuous forward momentum within your organization. Gamification courses will show you how these elements of friendly competition, interactive training and reward-based activities can help to inspire and motivate your employees to invest in their own development as well as that of the organization.

Utilizing Gamification Training

In any situation, the process of learning is more enjoyable and easier to digest when presented in a fun and engaging way. Gamification courses can show you how offering training to your staff in a structure that breaks things up and involves a series of smaller, more achievable goals can make a large amount of information and workload much less intimidating and, if done correctly, can make it fun! People are much more likely to gravitate towards tasks that are perceived as “fun” so utilizing gamification in staff training can be a huge benefit. As a training professional, Gamification courses can show you ways to identify opportunities in your current business setup to introduce gamification as a way of inspiring and engaging your employees.

Gamification Training Cultivates Workplace Morale

As well as online and through e-learning, Gamification practices can also be used offline. Using elements taken from games such as leader boards, gamification can be used to build some friendly goal-orientated competition in the workplace. Perhaps it's a leader board for the most sales made by an employee in a month or fastest team within the company to reach a specific goal. Gamification courses can teach you how to develop and implement strategies tailored specifically to your organization and its requirements.

Creating fun, non-aggressive competition between staff or teams can help them take an interest in their own personal development. In-house competition can promote initiative and self-motivation as well as help them identify, establish and work towards goals both at a personal and company level.

Who Needs Gamification Training?

Gamification courses can teach you how to create fun, game-based learning for you company. However with this training can be even more valuable for current or aspiring instructional designers. Instructional designers work to design training, often in a consulting role. Since gamification is, in many ways, the new direction that training is moving in, learning how to design game-based training will prepare you to design the kind of training that many companies are asking for. 

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