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Alabama is successful in a range of industries including agriculture, aerospace, manufacturing, business, and finance. The diversified success in the state makes it a great place to start or enhance your career. Find training in Alabama below!
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Alabama's Economy

Alabama has transitioned from a solely agricultural state to one with diversified interests. This shift occurred after the Second World War, and without this expansion of industries, the state’s economy may have collapsed. The fragile state of Alabama’s economy in the early 1900s was due to its heavy reliance on crop and field work. Like most southern states, Alabama farmers were hit hard after the Civil War and took quite some time to recuperate. Recently, Alabama’s agriculture output accounted for only 1% of the state’s GDP, a vast contrast from Alabama’s historically crop-centric economy. Today, Alabama is heavily invested in banking, aerospace, healthcare, education, and heavy automation and manufacturing industries. 

Alabama's Widespread Industry Success

The state of Alabama can also attribute its expanding economy to its growth and success in the automotive manufacturing industry. In the past three decades, top manufacturers such as Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota have moved to the state. This influx of automotive manufacturing has led to job creation and a decrease in state unemployment rates. 

Additionally, the state has found immense success in the aerospace industry. Huntsville, Alabama, one of the state’s more populated cities, is known as the “Rocket Capital of the World”, and is home to the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center. The first rocket that allowed humans to go to the moon was built by Alabama workers, and the Apollo program is now featured through tours at the Space Flight Center. 

Alabama is the only state in the United States with all of the natural resources and capabilities to produce iron and steel. As such, Alabama is the largest supplier in the nation of steel and cast-iron products. If you work in any of these successful industries, continue on the path of success by improving your skills and abilities. Find training in Alabama to suit your professional and personal needs.

Alabama: Business Hub and Headquarters

The state of Alabama is the headquarters for several successful firms in the banking and finance industries. Many banking corporations have based their operations in Birmingham, the largest and most populated city in Alabama. Today, there are over 150 banks with 1,300 branches dispersed throughout the state. Many finance professionals are hired to support these banking institutions and branches. If you are a financial professional seeking training in Alabama, browse the list of finance and banking training courses listed currently.

Types of Training in Alabama

Because Alabama is a large state that is home to a large number of successful industries professional training in Alabama is easy to find. Classroom courses are available for professionals all over the state. Check the course pages for information about dates and price. You can always request information from the provider to learn more.

In-house courses are also an option for training in Alabama. In-house means that the training will come directly to your organization to train employees. This is very useful when you have a number of individuals who all need the same training. Any trainer that offers training in the US will travel to Alabama.

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