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Common Types of Certification

There are three main types of certification. The first of these is corporate or “internal” certification these are developed by organizations and given out within their organization. These types of certifications are easy to get and produce, but limited in usefulness. The second type is product-specific certification. This is just what it sounds like; one becomes an expert on a product, and then becomes certified in it. This type of certification is very popular within the information technology (IT) industry. IT specialists may choose to take a certification training course in hardware or software. This type of certification is useful for moving between jobs, but they will be limited to the product they cover. The most difficult type of certification to get, yet the most useful to have is profession-wide. Professional organizations establish certifications to set standards within the profession and to protect the public. A certified professional is qualified to do everything within the job they are certified to do. A certified public accountant (CPA) for example, can do all work within the profession, not just use one piece of accounting software.

Who Should Take a Certification Training Course?

When an employer sees a certification on a resume, they immediately know that the candidate they are looking at has been tested and proven to have the skill they claim to have. If you work within an industry that has certifications (hint: most of them do) getting one or many these certifications will prove that you have certain knowledge. Having taken multiple certification training courses and completed them shows that you can learn and retain information and a certain amount of ambition and work ethic. Some of the industries where certification is most common are:

  • IT
  • Security
  • Business
  • Management
  • Healthcare

IT Certification Training Courses

The industry of information technology is huge and covers a broad range of topics. It would be impossible for any one person to be an expert in every area within IT. Therefore, people choose certain areas of expertise with programs and systems. Many of these certifications can be earned through certification training courses that end with a test. Individual certifications will have different requirements and outcomes. For example, some certifications are permanent, while others may need to be renewed on a yearly basis. In addition, some of these are stacking. You need to start with one certification and then you can get a higher level one later. Of the 15 top paying certifications available this year, 12 are in technology industries. Check out this list of IT Pro courses, many of which will prepare you for, or include certification.