Training Facilities, Equipment, and Supplies

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Training Facilities, Equipment, and Supplies

It is crucial that trainers have the proper materials at their disposal when delivering training. The more obvious learning aids and tools are learning guides, facilitator presentations, notepads and pens. These are essential for a fruitful training intervention, but are by no means the only requirements; imagine that you are attending an all day training and the training provider forgot to cater the event or perhaps the facility's bathroom is out of order. Certainly neither of these scenarios would be conducive to a comfortable learning experience. As a training provider it is necessary to consider these details when planning a training intervention.


It is essential for the venue to satisfy the safety and accommodation requirements of the event. There should always be a safety procedure in place for the facility with clearly demarcated escape routes and gathering areas in the event of a crisis. The training space should cater to the needs of participants with physical impairments. There should be sufficient space for designated activities, proper seating, and adequate ventilation. Temperature control of the environment is essential. These are just a few considerations regarding facilities as there are numerous requirements to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment.


If you've ever been in a situation where the overhead projector or the speakers did not work, you know what a massive impact it has on the presentation. Everything has to be delayed or course material must be condensed to fit time constraints. Trying to teach a classroom of frustrated individuals is not a comfortable situation for either the facilitator or the learner. Be sure that all equipment including overhead projectors, laptops, chargers, mobile devices, pointers, microphones, remote controls work and have charged batteries.


It's the little things that count. Seamless delivery fosters effective training. Impactful facilitators create real life scenarios, games, quizzes, and other in-class activities to really inspire learning and to keep courses as exciting as possible. This means that the supplies required for a beneficial training session should consist of more than pens, paper and whiteboard markers. It can include a vast range of supplies such as flipcharts, post-its, glue, color markers, tape and props. The key focus is to teach and to facilitate learning. The more one plans in advance the smoother the training will be.

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