LMS and LCMS Training

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Plan, deliver and manage training by using the following software solutions: Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Start meeting high-level company goals by enrolling in LMS and LCMS training below. 
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LMS and LCMS Training

Those well-versed in LMS know that the system was created to make things much easier for corporations, businesses, or anyone managing training for multiple entities. LMS is the solution for messy training in that it creates a platform for planning, delivering, and managing information to employees in one place. Typically, the LMS offers courses through an online classroom but can help to manage the organization of in-house training, as well. An LMS and an LCMS are similar but differ notably in one way. The LMS provides the platform to manage people and their learning while an LCMS ensures that content creation is swift and can be carried across to each department easily. Through the LCMS, all of the individuals that contribute to these courses can access uniform content that can then be customized.

Essentials for LMS and LCMS Training

Courses on LMS and LCMS training are useful for individuals of all skill levels. Introductory courses focus on the basics of how to utilize the system. Students will become familiar with importing materials, inviting trainees to the course, and tracking the progress of users throughout their journeys. Participants that are familiar with the systems will find that more advanced LMS and LCMS training is better suited for their needs. If an individual is looking to set themselves or their company apart, courses focusing on creating and customizing content would be beneficial. Students can learn how to gamify or automate their courses through the LMS and LCMS training.

Benefits of LMS and LCMS Training for Professionals

LMS and LCMS training focuses on assessing and raising competency and performance levels throughout the organization. This is achieved by helping participants learn to utilize the systems effectively. Effectively running an LMS and LCMS in tandem will enhance overall training at every level, from content creation to training implementation, resulting in more efficient learning and performance across the board. Enrolling in LMS and LCMS training enables participants to fully understand the system. In turn, these same individuals aid their companies in aligning learning initiatives with calculated goals, offering skills management techniques, and keeping employees updated on necessary professional skills. Utilizing LMS and LCMS training boosts the course participant above their competition.

Formats for LMS and LCMS Training Courses

Differing formats of LMS and LCMS training courses are offered to suit the needs of each individual participant and organization.


A classroom course will take place at a designed time and location. This is a great option for the individual who wants to take training into their own hands or a small business who just needs to have a few employees trained.


If you are an organization with a large number of employees who need training, in-house training might be for you. Search the courses below for a trainer who can bring expert LMS and LCMS management training to you and your employees.


Online training is an option for those who favor flexibility. Individuals can participate in the course at their own pace and on their own time.

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