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Find professional training and development in Kansas. Located in the Midwest, Kansas is home to dynamic cities and thriving economies. Browse seminars and on-site training in Kansas from the list below! Filter your results by course category, type, rating, and more to find the best option for you. 
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More About Kansas

Kansas lies directly in the heart of the United States and the culture is traditionally American. Known for agriculture many think of Kansas as only rural but recent growth in cities and low prices has made Kansas an attractive destination for professionals and businesses alike. While still very productive in agriculture, producing on fifth of the wheat in the country, other industries that have grown are energy and aerospace. Any of the cities in Kansas are great places to pursue training in your specific field. Grow your career in the 'Sunflower State' by enrolling in training in Kansas. 

Agriculture of Kansas

Kansas has become one of the most productive states in the nature in terms of agriculture. After the American Civil War, the size of Kansas’s population increased significantly when new settlers and immigrants transformed the vast Midwestern prairie lands into farmlands. Today, some of the leading crops produced in the state of Kansas include sunflowers, corn, and sorghum. Kansas further produces cotton, soybeans, corn and an abundance of livestock including cattle, hogs, and sheep.

The crop produced far and above any other in the state of Kansas, however, is wheat. Almost 15% of the nation’s entire wheat crop is produced in Kansas. In fact, the state of Kansas is the #1 wheat-producer in the nation, closely followed by the state of South Dakota. The Eastern region of Kansas is located in what is known as the “Grain Belt”, a major area of wheat and grain production in the United States. Industrial outputs from Kansas include equipment for transportation, food processing, chemical products, machinery, publishing, commercial and private aircrafts, apparel, mining, and petroleum. Because of the productive economy, there are a wide variety of options for training in Kansas. 

The Oil and Gas Industry in Kansas

Out of all 50 states, Kansas is ranked 8th in its production of oil. However, as time has passed, it has become increasingly difficult to extract oil from Kansas, leading to a decline in production. Today, Kansas produces around 3 million barrels of oil per month. The state of Kansas also ranks 8th in production of natural gas. The largest natural gas field in Kansas is the Hugoton Natural Gas Field, which extends into Oklahoma and Texas and has become gradually depleted over time. The depletion of this major natural gas field has resulted in a decrease in natural gas production from Kansas.

If you are a professional in Oil and Gas and live in the state of Kansas, consider taking a training course to brush up on your skills and learn new competencies. Regardless of your experience level, additional training in Kansas can always be beneficial and aid you in your career.