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Explore the Possibilities with Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a relational database management system, designed for a variety of both programming and front-end office administration uses. Access is  more than just a data storage system. It is capable of complex data reports and analysis and can work in conjunction with multiple other Microsoft programs. Stay current with updates and changes to Access.

Current Access users often choose to take a course in the latest version of the program in order to gain a clear understanding the crucial changes and updates. These individuals may also want to improve their overall knowledge of Microsoft Access or become an advanced user able to take advantage of more features.

There are also many Microsoft Access training courses that cover past versions of the software. This can be valuable for those who use an older version of the program at home or work because the versions do vary. Learning how to navigate the right interface is crucial to feeling comfortable in day-to-day use.

Content of Microsoft Access Training Courses

Microsoft Access training courses for beginners are intended to familiarize learners with the creation of databases, building data tables and designing reports. Advanced Access courses tend to focus more on the needs of programmers and database administrators

Topics covered in Microsoft Access training for beginners will vary based on the type and focus of the course, but introductory Access training courses generally include sections on:

  • Creating and modifying table data
  • Combining data from multiple tables in a query
  • Creating and designing a report
  • Designing a relational database
  • Sharing databases 
  • Securing databases

These courses are most often intended for students completely new to Access. However, even those who already use Access may have much to gain from taking a formal course, especially if they feel that they are not using the program to the fullest. 

Microsoft Access Training

Intermediate and advanced courses in Microsoft Access go into greater detail on functions of the program and delve into complex capabilities. Courses will vary dependent on a number of factors. However, advanced MS Access Training generally covers:

  • Analyzing database performance
  • Linking tables to external data sources
  • Automation of repetitive tasks with Macros

Regardless of the course level you are looking for, it's important to check out the course page to find out more about outcomes and requirements. Remember that you can always request information to get further details directly from the provider!

Microsoft Access as an SQL Solution

Much of the versatility and overall attraction of Access as a data management system is that it can adopt a split database structure. This means that data tables can display as both “front-end” and “back-end”(acting as SQL) versions which are linked together. This is useful for a number of reason, paramount of which being that the front-end requires less technical familiarity from the user.  Microsoft Access training courses will help you get the most out of the program for both technical and operational purposes.

Other Microsoft Office Products

Access is just one of several powerful and versatile computer programs for professionals. Offered as part of the Microsoft Office Professional Suite, Access is packaged along with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Enroll in Access training in conjunction with these other Microsoft Office programs and take advantage of their compatibility, or take these courses separately to enhance the range of your Office skills.

Other Training Options

Not looking for MS Access training? Try another category within computer skills or IT. findcourses.com is here to help you find the best training option! Here are some similar categories that might suit you:

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